4S shop and auto repair factory which repair it?

Recently, many people have left a message on our WeChat background, saying that the maintenance fees at the 4S shop are very expensive. Are there repairs on the outside of the auto repair shop? The number of car repairs by Xiao Bian is relatively small. The conventional warranty is made at an outside garage, but the oil is brought by you. So where do you go? Please look down.

Xiao Bian had spent some time in the after-sales service of the 4S store. He had seen the inside story of some 4S stores. Although it was not too dark, it could still be mentioned. Later, after the media, I met some garage owners and weighed again and again to go to 4S shop maintenance or to auto repair factory maintenance. I discussed the situation in separate cases.

Under what circumstances is it recommended to go to 4S shop?

1, during the warranty period of the vehicle, try to go back to the 4S shop maintenance, because outside the garage repair, 4S shop has the right to refuse to warranty for you.

2, if you have to buy insurance, the body of the sheet metal parts is best in the 4S shop maintenance, because the 4S shop paint is provided by the original, can guarantee the least color, the outside of the garage is difficult to guarantee.

3, if you do not have a familiar auto repair factory for your maintenance, it is best to go back to the 4S shop maintenance, because the outside of the auto repair factory water is too deep, even if it is cheap, but three days and two is broken, not a solution.

4, if your vehicle's technology is more advanced, such as Toyota's 2.0T D-4ST engine, because the technology is relatively new, outside the maintenance information is relatively small, it is difficult to ensure that the outside masters can master it.

Under what circumstances is it recommended to go to the garage?

1. When your car is relatively old, even if you go to the 4S shop to repair a new system, but other modules are also very easy to go wrong, and the old car outside the maintenance information is also relatively complete, so not afraid to outside the professional steam Maintenance repairs, after all, they can provide several maintenance programs, allowing you to choose the program of mind.

2. If you have a familiar auto repair factory, choosing to go to a garage is also a good choice, because 4S stores are all clearly priced, all maintenance programs are in accordance with the system, and auto repair plants are much more flexible, however, If you go to a strange auto repair factory, you may be pitted.

3, if you are more nervous on hand, you can choose to auto repair factory maintenance, because you can go to some auto parts city to choose some accessories, and then get auto repair factory maintenance, which can save a sum, but pay attention to buy counterfeit s things.

4, if you know the car, where to repair is not a problem, or even repair yourself.

Concrete Pile Mould:

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