Aeolus Tire Quality Miles Tour launched throughout the country

The reporter learned on October 10th, 2011 that the Aeolus Tire Quality Miles campaign with the theme of "Continuous Improvement of Quality and Protection of Customer Interests" has been launched throughout the country.

It is understood that the scope of activities of Aeolus Tyre Quality Miles will cover all brands of primary dealers, retail merchandise and driver end users of Aeolus domestic repair market. In order to facilitate the promotion of the activities, Fengshen Tire will organize 2 joint quality service teams, including business leaders, market, R&D, and quality assurance personnel, to dispatch 2 special vehicles to conduct nationwide inspections by provincial routes, and 2 service teams. The service will be alternated until it covers Aegis National Repair Market.

The Aeolus Tyre Quality Miles event will be developed as a long-term feature of Aeolus service customers. Fengshen expects that through this activity, it will not only improve service efficiency, improve service style, provide sales and service support for dealers, but also master terminal market information and promote brand promotion through the in-depth development of the event to enhance corporate image.

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