Basic principles and main applications of re-election

Gravity beneficiation (referred to as re-election) is based on the density of various minerals (commonly referred to as specific gravity), and thus the gravity, fluid dynamics and other mechanical forces in the moving medium, so as to achieve the process of sorting ore groups by density. . Mineral particles and shapes will affect the accuracy of sorting by density. Due to the difference in density of various mixed ore particles, the sedimentation speed of the moving medium (such as water, heavy medium with a density greater than water, and air, etc.) is not, and the degree of movement is also different, thereby achieving separation of minerals and all re-election. The process is based on the sedimentation law of the ore particles in the selected medium. The common features of various re-election processes are: 1 there must be a difference in density (or particle size) between the ore particles; 2 the sorting process is carried out in the moving medium; 3 under the combined action of gravity, fluid dynamics and other mechanical forces, the mine The granules are loose and stratified by density (or particle size); 4 points of good layer material are separated under the movement of moving medium, and different final products are obtained.

Re-election is a long-established method of mineral processing. In the Han Dynasty of China, it was known to re-elect the tin ore. Since the re-election method is simple, low cost, and. Perfect growing, so gravity separation beneficiation is still the main method of tungsten tin and coal. In some sorting non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals and non-metallic minerals also been widely used. Granular sorting processes (such as grading, dewatering, etc.) in gravity beneficiation are indispensable in almost all concentrators.

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