Brazil Completes First Alpha Hydraulic System Road Test

One of the largest users of Hayward in Brazil: Fagundes Construçãoe Mineração, recently completed the first road test of the Alpha hydraulic system. The company’s existing 1200 engineering vehicles are all equipped with Mercedes-Benz chassis, Rossetti's tops, and the standard configuration of Hayward hydraulic systems. Rossetti is a well-known mining dump truck manufacturer in Brazil.

Alpha Hydraulic System
Alpha Hydraulic System

At the end of 2014, Fagotes purchased a dump truck equipped with the Alpha hydraulic system and put it into trial operation at the Butiah East mine in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. After six months of practical road tests, Fagondas fully understands and affirms the performance of Alpha, and will gradually update the Alpha hydraulic system. Team captains José Roberto and Francisco Soares said, "Dump trucks equipped with the Alpha hydraulic system are the fastest dump trucks we can lift here."

Brazil Completes First Alpha Hydraulic System Road Test
Brazil Completes First Alpha Hydraulic System Road Test

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