China National Heavy Duty Truck Liuzhou Liuli achieves lightweighting of the dump truck

Through unremitting efforts, in the near future, China's heavy truck Liuzhou has realized the lightweighting of the dump truck.

The weight of the corrugated dump truck is lighter. First, the lightweight dump truck (corrugated box structure) adopts high-strength steel plates instead of ordinary steel plates. Under the same volume of the car, high-strength steel plates are used, and the thickness of the car body can be reduced by 2-3mm. At the same time, it can reduce its own weight, saving cost, wear resistance, vehicle corrugated structure, the ability of the car to resist "swelling belly" is stronger; the second is to innovate in the design of the car body structure, breaking through the traditional heavy-duty dump truck rectangular car structure The side plate of the carriage adopts integral forming technology to form corrugated ribs with beautiful appearance, no need for vertical ribs, saving material and reducing its own weight, and the new type of corrugated box structure is optimized to have a higher loading capacity than ordinary dump trucks of the same specifications; It is the improvement of the hydraulic system. It adopts the latest Alpha Series hydraulic cylinder from Hyva. This series of cylinders is nearly 200 kilograms lighter than similar domestic cylinder products. It has the advantages of low fuel consumption and short lifting time, and the hydraulic valve is directly installed on the cylinder. When the tubing bursts, it can prevent the carriage from falling and improve the safety performance of the vehicle.

Through the application of high-strength steel, the lightweight effect is improved significantly, the vehicle has lighter weight, greater load capacity, and more reliable performance, which improves the unit carrying capacity of the vehicle. After calculation, the above design scheme is adopted, and the weight of the vehicle is partially loaded. The weight of the dump truck is approximately 2.1 tons lower than that of a common dump truck.

Feature of Double Side Pig Feeder:

1.The double side pig feeder have adjustable height of feeding platform, guarantee the pig to eat the fresh feed.

2.The double side pig feeder Improve the feed conversion rate, reduce the waste of feed by the pig trough.

3.304 stainless steel material for pig trough, thickness of 1.2 mm, the overall of double side pig feeder is welding, firm structure and reliablle.

4.Reversible and washable stainless steel double side pig feeder is applied in crate to provide clean, safe feeding place for pig.

5.Convenient and flexible to fixed installation,can be extended trough volume.

Double Side Pig Feeder

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