Developing steam traps as a trend

Developing steam traps as a trend

In recent years, due to the continuous deepening of domestic favorable investment environment and infrastructure construction policies, China's pump and valve industry will continue to have new opportunities for development. The company's continuous self-innovation has led to a technological advancement, and a wide range of products have been in place, presenting a thriving development prospect. It is precisely because of such technological achievements that the pump and valve industry can make a positive and upward trend for a long time.

According to the comprehensive planning and regional layout planning of the national pump and valve manufacturing industry, a group of regional leading technologies and product development laboratories, test bases and product development centers will be established. Relying on scientific and educational institutions with strong innovation capabilities, establish a diffusion site for scientific and technological achievements. Encourage and support the establishment of a pump and valve manufacturing technology research and development center. With the improvement of domestic policies and the economic situation, both the pump industry and the valve industry have obtained favorable conditions for development, and the room for their rise is also very large.

The development direction of Sinopec's pumps in the next five years will be large-scale, high-speed, mechanical and electrical integration, as well as complete sets of products, standardization, serialization and generalization. In particular, the production technologies of high-temperature pumps, cryogenic pumps, cryogenic pumps, precision metering pumps, anti-corrosion pumps, conveying viscous mediums, and pumps with solid particles and canned pumps will rapidly develop, and the demand will increase substantially.

According to statistical data provided by the relevant statistics bureau, there are more than 1,700 enterprises above designated size in China's valve manufacturing industry, with 3.26 million tons of valve production, total industrial output value of 114.7 billion yuan, and total profit of 6.39 billion yuan. In order to meet the needs of a complete set of manufacturing projects, an enterprise needs to manufacture the valves needed for the project, which determines that all the valve manufacturers will provide more and more trends.

In recent years, energy conservation has become the principle and goal of industrial development. From the aspect of energy conservation, the development of steam traps is a general trend, and it is developing to subcritical and supercritical high parameters to meet the demand for low energy consumption. The valve companies only effectively and clearly understand the status quo in the industry, continue to strengthen the optimization of their own products, strengthen the awareness of hardship, strengthen the corporate culture and market service concepts, only to achieve stability and fast, fast and refinement, refinement and stability in order to allow enterprises In the increasingly fierce competition in the pump industry to survive and seek development.

Biomass Wood Pellet Burner Machine 

Biomass Pellet Burner use biomass pellets,wood chips  etc as fuel, in suspension,boiling,half gasification pyrolysis combustion way, produce hot  flame, through radiation,convection heat transfer send the high temperature to thermal equipment.    

It's a high efficiency and environmental equipment which mainly make up of automatic feeding system,fan blower,high temperature pyrolysis half gasification burning room,bocca,ignition system, provide brand new rebuilt technical plan for fossil fuel equipment change to clean fuel,get customers' favour,widely used in food processing industry,printing industry,coating industry,baking varnish,heating,bath etc industry.

The advantages of YGS-900,000Kcal/h  Biomass Pellet Burner for Sales

1.Less investment, quick capital recovery;

2.Convenient transportation, transportation radius small, fuel price stability;

3.Convenient operation, safe, long service life;

4.Wide range of load adjusting, strong adaptability

5.This biomass pellet burner can match to the user`s heat devices,energy saving and environmental protection.

Technical Parameter /Specification details of biomass pellet burner  machine


 Heating Power


Main Power (kw)  Consumption(kg/h) Measurement (mm)



 How to Cooling  

Heating for boiler 


YGF-200,000    200,000 0.75kw  50kg/h  1900*910*1710mm  0.6T    Air-Cooling system  0.3T
YGF-300,000 300,000 0.75kw  75kg/h  1920*925*1750mm  0.7T  0.5T
YGF-450,000 450,000 1.12kw  115kg/h  1830*1100*2130mm  1T 0.75T
YGF-600,000 600,000 1.9kw  150kg/h  2340*980*2180mm  1.6T 1T
YGS-600,000 600,000 1.9kw  150kg/h  2340*980*2180mm  1.6T Water-cooling system 1T
YGS-900,000 900,000 3.1kw  225kg/h  2790*1190*2400mm  2.2T 1.5T
YGS-1200,000 1200,000 3.7kw  300kg/h  2900*1300*2420mm  3T 2T
YGS-1800,000 1800,000 5.25kw  450kg/h  3180*1490*2400mm  3.8T 3T
YGS-2400,000 2400,000 8.45kw  600kg/h  3250*1660*2520mm  4.8T 4T
YGS-3000,000 3000,000 10.45kw  750kg/h  3800*1950*3130mm  8T 5T
YGS-3600,000 3600,000 10.45kw  900kg/h  3950*2100*3270mm  9T 6T
YGS-4200,000 4200,000 10.8kw  1050kg/h  4050*2200*3370mm  10T 7T
YGS-4800,000 4800,000 10.8kw    1200kg/h  4200*2350*3400mm  11T 8T

Product Show

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1. What's your raw materials ? wood pellets or rice husk pellets or oat hull pellets or  others ? 

2. You want to use biomass pellet burner supply the heating  use for which equipment ?  boiler ? or dryer or others ? 

3. Please  send me your boiler or dryer  size  ? for example , fire door  height ,  we will confirm the  pellet burner how to connect  and install to your equipment . 

4. Your Voltage ? 380V, 50HZ, 3 Phase or 220V  or other  votage ?

Biomass Burner

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