Dongfeng high pressure cleaning truck

Dongfeng high-pressure cleaning truck is also called a pipeline dredging vehicle, and the clogged pipeline is opened by strong pressure generated by high-pressure water flow. The main components are tanks, high pressure pumps, and hydraulic systems. The high-pressure cleaning truck is mainly used for cleaning the sediments of urban sewers and pipelines, the dredging of muds in dead corners, and also for cleaning industrial drainage pipelines, walls, etc., and cleaning roads and square grounds. Dongfeng high pressure cleaning truck can also be equipped with sprinkler devices, install green sprinkler, front punch, rear sprinkler, side spray, can carry out green watering, spraying, dust, high-pressure flushing the road, etc., can be used for fire fighting in case of emergency.
Dongfeng high-pressure cleaning truck
The principle of Dongfeng high-pressure cleaning vehicle is to turn the steel wire that can be bent elastically into the blocked sewer pipe by rotating it, and bring out the plug cloth, hair and the like. There is also a tool called a shot pass, which is a pressure relief tool that uses a high pressure principle to open the blocked sewer. This is the principle that is commonly used in life to open up blocked pipes. The pipelines used by industrial pipelines are relatively different from the ones used for the size of pipelines. The pipelines with 100 mm channels are as dredging as household sewers.
A tanker truck equipped with a high-pressure water pump cleans the sediments of the city's sewers and clears the sewers. It can also be used for cleaning industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc., and can also be used for watering, transporting water and flushing roads, and can be used for fire fighting in case of emergency.
Dongfeng high-pressure cleaning vehicle is based on the second type of original chassis and is installed on the basis of the top part of the tank, the configuration of high-pressure pump work, high-pressure pump model: 3DS-8/16, GYB-8/16,
Pressure: 16-19Mpa, Flow: 8m3/h,
Length of hose: 60m, reeling force: 1800 N, hose inner diameter: φ19 mm, coupling type: 0, reeling speed: 0-25 m/min, hole clamp angle: 15°, 25° propulsion force: ≥180 N.
Dedicated function description
Spray rack cleaning width (m): 2.5-3.5
Spray rack deflection angle (°) : Left and right 30 each
The highest cleaning pressure (Mpa): 9
Cleaning water flow (L/min) : 120
Spray flow rate (L/min): 120
Cleaning width (m): ≥ 16
Cleaning water flow (L/min): 500-800
Water spray range (m): ≥ 38
1. The cleaning width of jetting rack is 2.5m-3.5m, which can be arbitrarily controlled. When the telescopic boom shrinks, it can achieve double-flow enhanced cleaning and is suitable for cleaning urban roads and squares;
2. The left and right corner sprays are suitable for cleaning curbs, guardrails, and sidewalks;
3. High pressure nozzle cleaning;
4. Spray system, can spray dust, adjust air humidity and spray air disinfectant;
5. Low-pressure flushing and water cooling; with a unique pre-spray (water), after-blow device;
6. Road marking cleaning mechanism; suitable for cleaning road markings;
7. Noise-clearing wall cleaning mechanism, suitable for cleaning urban elevated wall noise-blocking wall;
8. Fence cleaning brush, suitable for cleaning highway and urban road guardrail;
9. Hydraulic lifting platform, suitable for cleaning and maintenance of high-altitude facilities in urban roads and highways;
10. Push snow shovel for road snow removal.
11. Self-priming function, green irrigation and auxiliary fire fighting function.

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