Efficient lighting promotion enters a critical period

This year's National Energy Conservation Publicity Week began on June 8. Promoting efficient lighting products is one of the promotional highlights. The financial subsidies launched 6 years ago promote the work of high-efficiency lighting products, accumulating more than 780 million high-efficiency lighting products, saving 32 billion kWh per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 32 million tons, and achieving good savings in saving electricity for users. effect.
Nowadays, the promotion of financial subsidies is nearing completion. Lu Fang, deputy director of China's phasing out incandescent lamps and accelerating the promotion of energy-saving lamps project office (Green Photo Project Office), said that it is a crucial period to consolidate the promotion results and continue to advance.
The promotion of high-efficiency lighting products by the People's Heart Project is one of the important energy-saving projects in the implementation of green lighting projects in China.
Liu Shengping, chairman of the China Lighting Association, said that in the early stage of promotion, progress was not ideal. Most of them are used for export, and the domestic market can hardly see good high-efficiency lighting products. This is the government guidance and central financial subsidies.
In December 2007, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Interim Measures for the Administration of Financial Subsidy Funds for Efficient Lighting Products Promotion, and clarified that the central government set up special funds to promote efficient lighting products to replace incandescent lamps and other inefficiencies in use. Lighting Products. Among them, for each of the high-efficiency lighting products of the large-scale users, the central government will subsidize 30% of the supply price of the winning bid, while the urban and rural residents will each receive 50 subsidies.
In 2009, in order to explore the promotion mechanism of efficient lighting products in small and medium-sized cities and rural areas, the Lvzhao Project Office has carried out high-efficiency lighting product donation promotion activities in 27 regions across the country, and accumulated 2,587,557 donated products to cover 22 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions). ) more than 2.4 million people.
Practice has shown that the fiscal subsidy promotion policy has not only become a popular project for domestic residents to save money and save money, social energy conservation and emission reduction, and is also a highlight project approved internationally.
Significant results According to the China Lighting Market Survey data conducted by the Green Photo Project Office for five consecutive years, the market share of high-efficiency lighting products is increasing year by year, and has reached 80 in 2012. Lu Fang said that high-quality lighting products with good quality and moderate price are gradually Become the mainstream.
These high-efficiency lighting products generate a total of about 66 billion kWh of electricity during the life cycle. Liu Shengping said that according to the electricity fee of 0.5 yuan / kWh, the central financial subsidy can save 13 yuan for every 6 yuan of electricity saved, saving only 13 yuan, and the electricity bill alone saves the people and large users. About 33.3 billion yuan.
Through open tendering, while the product sales price has decreased, the state has also put forward more standardized requirements on a series of technical indicators such as product light efficiency, life expectancy and color rendering. Chen Song, China Quality Certification Center, stressed that the mercury content is especially strict. Financial subsidies to promote high-efficiency lighting products in the mercury content standards are mostly between 2.53.5 mg, far below the international standard of 5 mg. More critically, these products use solid mercury rather than liquid mercury that has been discarded.
Continue to push forward Currently, the promotion of financial subsidies for high-efficiency lighting products is coming to an end, but in the high-efficiency lighting products market in small cities and rural areas, there is still a lot of room to be popularized, and the road to development is difficult.
Liu Shengping said that the promotion of efficient lighting products can continue, the key should be energy saving, saving money, and environmental protection. This is its core goal.
It is understood that the industry and the people are very motivated to promote high-efficiency lighting products. It is urgent to continue to implement the subsidy policy, but how to make up and make up the amount. At present, the relevant state departments are still studying and formulating.
The lack of standards, imperfect marketing mechanisms, and the need to strengthen supervision are still the main problems facing the current lighting industry. Lu Fang said that in the future, the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products will be more scientific and perfect, and will continue to promote its rapid development on the basis of earnestly consolidating existing achievements.

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