Energy-saving emission reduction target clear component giant layout turbo

After the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction in the automotive industry has been established, multinational component giants are accelerating the deployment of areas such as turbocharger and other energy-saving technologies.

According to the relevant requirements of China's "Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2012-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Planning"), by 2015, the average fuel consumption of passenger cars produced in that year will be reduced to 6.9 liters/100 km. The fuel consumption of energy-saving passenger cars has dropped below 5.9 liters/hundred kilometers. By 2020, the average fuel consumption of passenger cars produced during the year will be reduced to 5.0 litres/hundred kilometers, and the fuel consumption of energy-efficient passenger cars will drop below 4.5 liters/100 kilometers. In 2010, the average fuel consumption of China's autos (passenger cars) was 8 liters per 100 kilometers.

The hard regulation of energy saving and emission reduction has become a technical barrier that many car companies must pass, especially for self-owned brand companies. As the world's leading supplier of automotive power and transmission technology and products, BorgWarner has identified this market opportunity and accelerated its business expansion in China. A few days ago, BorgWarner Ningbo Engineering Center was officially launched. It will be equipped with relevant test equipment for many BorgWarner engine products such as turbocharger, engine timing chain, EGR exhaust gas, and Belu ignition coil to enhance BorgWarner's local R&D. ability.

“As far as BorgWarner is concerned, all business modules are designed to improve the performance of vehicles, reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency,” said Bong Warren, president of BorgWarner China, in an interview with the reporter.

"But due to the current restrictions on the implementation of some laws and regulations, many of BorgWarner's current energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies have encountered some resistance in application, and the currently widely used ones should still be turbocharged technology." BorgWarner internal staff Indicated.

According to statistics, currently in the global operations of BorgWarner, the engine business accounts for more than 70% of its business volume, and the turbocharger system has more prominent advantages. The global production capacity of the system has exceeded 7 million units and is used globally for gasoline. The share of the car market is 30%, and its share in the gasoline passenger car market in China has exceeded 40%.

Tan Yuesheng believes that “the popularity of electric vehicles will take time, so this gives turbocharged products a lot of room for growth.”

At present, the penetration rate of turbocharger technology in China is not high. Mr. Yan Yuesheng told reporters, “At present, in the Chinese market, the engine turbocharger system has an installed rate of only 7%. This is still a large gap between the developed countries and the ratio will increase to 25% in the next 10 to 15 years. ”

To this end, many parts giants have now deployed the turbocharged market in China. Honeywell, the world’s leading automotive turbocharger manufacturer, has introduced 12 turbocharged products to the Chinese market. The turbocharged plant in China has also started construction in Wuhan; soon Bosch-Mahaler turbines Turbochargers will also enter the Chinese market. Not only that, these parts giants have also accelerated the pace of cooperation with local companies, turbocharger is becoming another new field of multinational parts giants in China.

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