FAW Jiefang Xichai once again exceeded 30,000 units in sales in May

In May 2009, the number of diesel engines produced and sold by FAW Jiexi Tin Diesel reached 37,000 units and 33,000 units, up 28.18% and 15.76% year-on-year, respectively; the production and sales of diesel engines increased by 7.25% and 2.45% year-on-year in the first five months of this year, respectively. A record high, the monthly average exceeded 30,000 units.

On May 12, Hebei Zhengyang Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. ordered a batch of new Dawei free heavy trucks from the FAW Jiefang Company Qingdao Automobile Factory, and on May 15 signed 640 new ones matching the XD Diesel 6DL1-31E3F Aowei Diesel Engine. Dawei’s contract for the liberation of heavy trucks required the first batch of 80 vehicles to be supplied in May. On May 17, FAW Jiefang Company Qingdao Automobile Factory proposed an emergency task for Jiefang Jiefang Xiechai to request an additional 80 sets of new Dawei to unload the heavy truck engine. This is another order for the Qingdao Automobile Factory to add Xichai.

The new Dawei Liberation Heavy Truck is a new heavy truck developed by FAW Qingdao Automobile Factory. It is safe, reliable, eco-friendly, and beautiful and comfortable. The Aowei diesel engine produced by Xichai was widely praised by users for its matching. After receiving this additional order, Xichai completed its mission as quickly as possible. On May 25th, all 80 engines were delivered in place to ensure the fulfillment of the contract for supply of 80 new Dawei heavy truck liberation vehicles in May.

There are many examples of such incidents. Since the beginning of this year, Xichai has always been aiming at the market, firmly grasping the needs of users, and taking the utmost satisfaction of customer needs as the starting point and end result of each work, and fully optimizing the order production management process, focusing on the goal of meeting 100% market demand. All departments strictly implemented the standard and time-based management rules for order processing, and continuously improved the efficiency and efficiency of the various processes from the receipt of orders to the final delivery of users, bringing the daily output to 1,350 units.

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