Fengshen Tire promotes the reuse of passenger car tires

"Green" cars need to be low-carbon and environmentally friendly. In addition to the engines , they need to see whether the tires are environmentally friendly. Fengshen Tire adheres to the research and development of green tires in the car field, and is also launching new products for retreaded tires that play a more environmentally friendly role in the logistics field such as trucks and buses. No matter what kind of approach, the new automobile tires in the future, low-carbon environmental protection is a threshold for the development of tire companies.

Fengshen Tire promotes the reuse of passenger car tires
Fengshen Tire promotes the reuse of passenger car tires

One of the “revolutions” in environmental protection: domesticizing fuel-efficient passenger car tires

Every step from the production to the use of the tire will bring a lot of pollution to the environment, which is the most serious use phase - its carbon dioxide emissions occupy the entire life cycle of 87%. Therefore, it is a trend to use greener, more fuel-efficient tires.

Fengshen Tire promotes the reuse of passenger car tires
Fengshen Tire promotes the reuse of passenger car tires

In 2005, Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd., as the largest tire manufacturer in China, took the lead in launching the concept of “green tire manufacturing”. After 9 years, it became the first tire company to achieve 100% green manufacturing, and it became the only company in the industry to implement it. Enterprises that harmonize environmental standards.

Environmental "Revolution": The Road to the Reuse of Card Passenger Car Tires

It takes about 84 liters of fuel to make a brand new tire, and 28 liters of fuel to rebuild a tire! To reduce the environmental pollution of abandoned tires is enough to benefit the entire population. Therefore, the refurbishment and reuse of tires have become one of the research topics for many tire manufacturers. On May 18th, Aeolus Tire delivered a batch of Fengshen retreaded tires to a logistics company in Henan. In the field of logistics, the complete refurbishment and reuse of discarded tires has become the most “green” travel mode, and also provides a province for the enterprise. The way of money.

Fengshen Tire promotes the reuse of passenger car tires
Fengshen Tire promotes the reuse of passenger car tires

It is understood that. Aeolus Tyre Co., Ltd. brings more economical, safe, and reliable innovative tire solutions to passengers and passenger car tires around the world, and is the first to achieve global sales of 100% green tires in the entire tire industry. Retreading tires not only saves raw materials and reduces energy consumption in the production process, but it is worth praising that each retreaded tire only costs 45% to 50% of the new tire price, but it can achieve 90% of the extended life mileage. Comprehensive utilization shows that retreaded tyres are as safe and efficient as new tyres.

The third environmental protection "revolution": energy saving starts from raw materials

The most important material composition of tires is chemical raw materials such as natural rubber, and the greatest impact on the environment at the beginning of production and after disposal is derived from this. The Aeolus Tire Identification eliminated the use of all contaminated raw materials and harmlessly replaced all accelerators, vulcanizing agents, and antioxidants that may produce harmful substances in the tire production process. In the production process, we constantly innovate product design and apply new production processes to ensure that the production process achieves low smoke, low dust, low noise and low energy consumption. And implement the Six Sigma management in the whole factory, fully use the control chart, Cpk and other professional tools to analyze the process changes, control the abnormalities, improve the process control ability, and analyze the abnormal factors in the production process in time. For the design of fuel-saving and wear-resistant tire rubber surfaces, Fengshen tires use high-performance white carbon, which can not only reduce the heat of rubber, but also keep the rubber material better wear resistance.

According to Liu Wenmin of Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd., the green energy-saving and environmental protection technology not only contributes to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, but also brings considerable sales performance to the company. In the first half of 2014, Fengshen Tire achieved a total revenue of 3.999 billion yuan, net profit attributable to the parent company was 185 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.07%, overseas sales revenue reached 1.76 billion yuan, and all operational indicators hit a record high.

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