Foton Motors launches new image of brand identity and interprets new corporate strategy

In 2010, for Foton Motors, it is undoubtedly a year worthy of record and transmission. The launch of Foton Motors 2020 Strategy and the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, as well as the brand new release of the brand's new image, signalizes the new Futian Automobile Group's achievements in the past. pursue. It is worth mentioning that, under the background of Foton Motors 2020 Strategy and the 12th Five-Year Plan, the release of the new image of Foton Motors brand is in line with the trend of humanization and customer value orientation for Futian Automobile to adapt to the new trend of globalization development. Taking the road of its own structural adjustment and connotative growth has a far-reaching strategic guiding significance.

Foton Motors 2020 Brand New Image Predicts New Corporate Strategy

At the Foton Motor 2011 Business Annual Conference held on January 9, 2011, Foton Motor once again emphasized the important role of the brand's new image in promoting corporate brand building and management. In fact, the new brand logo of Foton Motor's switch to the surface is only the tip of the iceberg, behind the transition of the giant battleship Foton Motor. Since the establishment of Foton Motor, the company has established a modern enterprise system, realizing the connection of industrial capital and financial capital, completed the adjustment of industrial location and management location, and established the industrial layout with Beijing as the management and operation center and radiating the whole country. Since 2001, Foton has broken through the commercial vehicle business, embarked on the first camp of China's medium- and heavy-duty trucks, and achieved a full range of commercial vehicle development. It covers the top 10 companies such as Auman, Foton Euro V, Omar, Ao Ling, Mon Parker, and Didi. The brand, which in 2009 and 2010 consecutively ranked first in the world in sales of commercial vehicles for two years. In the completion of the full range of commercial vehicle development, Foton Motor strived to achieve a new “transformation”, and with the implementation of the strategy of internationalization and new energy development, it successfully attracted multinational giants such as Daimler and Cummins to cooperate. Based on the steady development of commercial vehicles, new breakthroughs in passenger vehicles will be implemented and efforts will be made to create world-class mainstream car brands.

Futian Automobile switched its new brand identity. On the one hand, its international development requires an international brand image. On the other hand, Foton Motor expands its existing commercial vehicle business to include automobiles and new energy vehicles (including commercial vehicles and vehicle vehicles). In the areas of energy, automotive internet of things, financial services, and heavy machinery, Foton Motors' 2020 strategy has given the Futian brand a new meaning. In the third aspect, Foton Motor pursues the harmonious development of people, vehicles, and the environment, and puts people first to continuously promote scientific and technological innovation to create a better car life. Switching brand logos can convey the corporate citizenship responsibility and serve the society’s humanistic feelings in a deeper level.

The goal of the Foton Motor brand is to develop a high-quality, high-value-added green environmental protection product through the integration of global wisdom resources in the most innovative spirit of humanities and technology, to create high-quality car well-being for customers, and to promote social development. Meet the human pursuit of a harmonious and beautiful life for people, cars and nature.

New brand logo shines glamorous debut

It is understood that the new logo released by Foton Motor is jointly designed by world-famous German designer Erik Spiekermann and domestic Olympic visual image designer Wang Min. The new logo retains the original “Diamond” logo core value design. The concept of "inadvertently" visually reducing and enhancing the "diamond" stereoscopic vision in the first visual impression of "no major change" compared with the planar form, showing a remarkable change in the exquisite cutting fineness of science and technology. , meaning "technology, quality, high value and lasting!" The interpretation of Futian Automobile's development philosophy of “technological innovation” as the foundation and the pursuit of “diamond-like” product quality. At the same time, it supplements the peripheral “halo” and outlines the round circular pattern around the diamond to form a “brilliant” diamond ray. It implied that Foton Motor pursues the diamond-like “brightness” and the brand spirit of excellence and perfection. It also includes Foton Motors. The "humanistic care" temperament and the "harmoniousness of human, car, and nature" harmony of the 360-degree care and caring for the customer.

Futian Automobile's new "Hui-Dia" graphic logo has a full-bodied solid surface and three-dimensional cutting structure and exquisite light and shadow details, highlighting the company's unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and humanistic care brand concept, showing a mature and simple atmosphere. Exquisite international brand temperament, and the brand new visual image released this time also includes a new design of the FOTON English trademark, in particular, the font design will adjust the original uppercase "N" to lowercase, "F" and "n" symmetrical circle Corner design has a modern temperament, greatly enhancing the human affinity. The overall design style is modern, stable and humanistic, which makes the overall design more intimate and fully reflects the brand spirit of Foton Motor focusing on human value pursuit.

In terms of color, Futian's new logo uses gray as the main color and white as its secondary color to express its solemn and rigorous high-end technology. Blue is used as the main color series of Foton Motor, green is the main color of new energy, and uses different blue shades. Reflect the differences and convey the rich brand connotation of Foton Motor.

The new “Hui Dian” logo retains upward momentum from the bottom right to the top left, symbolizing the enterprising spirit of the people-centered determination of the Foton Motor brand in making progress, breakthrough, and excellence.

Brand new image highlights world vision and boosts Fukuda to create international brand

With the rise of the new “Hui Dian”, the “internationalization” of Foton Motor’s dream years has moved from a strategic level to a tactical operation level. Under the background of globalization and the rapid development of China's auto industry, China's auto brand enterprises are facing new opportunities for growth. Fortunately, China's auto brands represented by Foton Motor have a strong brand development force. After many years of unremitting pursuit, Foton Motor is once again standing at a new starting point, facing new environment and new strategic goals, and meeting new challenges with new actions, new actions and new images!

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