Hainan public lighting LED transformation work has achieved good results

Since July 2011, Hainan Province has taken the lead in energy-saving renovation of urban public lighting facilities in Qionghai City. By December 2012, Hainan Province's cities and counties have basically completed the task of energy-saving renovation of urban public lighting facilities.
Housing and urban-rural construction in Hainan Province is quite news. After Hainan Province completed the task of energy-saving renovation of urban public lighting facilities at the end of last year, the energy-saving effect was obvious. In the first half of this year, the electricity consumption of public lighting in cities and counties was 41.57 million kWh, and energy-saving renovation in 2010. Compared with the previous period, it saved 8.7 million degrees.
The energy saving effect of LED lights should not be underestimated. According to statistics, in addition to Sansha's 18 cities and counties and Yangpu Economic Development Zone, as well as townships and farms in Hainan Province, a total of 92,000 street lamps were rebuilt, including 62,000 municipal street lamps and 17,000 street lamps. With an annual energy saving of 15,000 tons of standard coal, it can achieve an annual energy saving of 15,000 tons.
Not only was the street light replaced with an LED light, Haikou City conducted a general survey of the city's road lighting facilities, and responded to the energy-saving renovation of the street lights for different situations. Some are to turn off the multi-main lamp only one, some to reduce the power of the single lamp, some to remove the unreasonable set of sub-lights, as well as the precise switch light control and the next half-night light to manage the energy saving effect.
It is understood that the construction of the Hainan Provincial Green Lighting Demonstration Province in 2013 mainly focuses on the green lighting demonstration pilot project in the public building and transportation sectors. By the end of 2013, the five-star and above hotels on the Eastern Line and the waiting room along the East Ring Railway will be completed. Green lighting energy-saving renovation tasks for units such as Meilan Airport and Phoenix Airport Terminal.
At present, the public lighting energy-saving renovation work in Hainan Province has achieved good results and will continue to develop. I believe that such results can also benefit other regions.

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