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Hammer crusher wear parts seriously affect the performance of hammer crusher

Hammer crusher hammer in the process of high-speed rotation and ore severe impact, friction, rapid wear and tear of the hammer, resulting in a sharp decline in hammer crusher efficiency, energy consumption increased significantly, seriously affecting the performance of the hammer crusher finishing. Every year, this causes huge losses to cement and sand stone plant enterprises. At the same time, the frequent replacement of hammerheads also greatly deteriorates the working conditions of workers and brings with it many production insecurity factors.

Select hammer crusher manufacturers to consider the crusher hammer wear resistance, choose a professional wear-resistant Casting parts. This can not only ensure its good service life, but also avoid the impact of the quality of the wear parts on the performance of the hammer crusher, while greatly reducing its operating costs and maintenance costs, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Conscience of the enterprise to see the quality of products, more than the crushing machinery factory after-sales service

Hammer crusher wear parts include: crusher hammer, rotor, liner, etc., wear-resistant parts are seriously worn, need to be replaced frequently, poor wear resistant parts can easily cause the hammer crusher in operation accident. Many cement and gravel plant companies have suffered accidents such as hammer shaft crusher and rotor fracture, resulting in suspension of production. The original manufacturer of these equipments not only did not send after-sales service personnel to on-site maintenance, but simply shirked the responsibility to the enterprise. For example, in July last year, the 2022 double-rotor hammer crusher and 1315 sandstone impact crusher of the 12,000 tons of new dry process cement production line in Fuyang Tianrui of Leiyang City suffered from failures in the course of operation, among which the 2022 rotor bearing seat was broken and all hammers The shaft was broken and the sand hammer of the sandstone crusher 1315 was broken. The entire line was forced to stop production. However, a well-known mining machinery manufacturer in Shanghai refused to answer the phone and refused to respond, causing serious dissatisfaction with the project leader of the Tianrui cement production line.

Afterwards, Huang Shen, the person in charge of a 8,000-ton sand production line for a certain factory, knew the advantages of Huaye in overhauling and repairing the rotor. He immediately called the relevant person in charge of Zhengzhou Huaye and asked for help. Huaye's manufacturers immediately arranged two service personnel to go straight ahead. The cement factory. After a busy night of overhaul work, the crusher was finally turned back at 1am. This has saved a lot of economic losses for the cement production line.

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