Ice City cold battery -55 °C normal work

8 to 10 years, 15 minutes to complete charging

Recently, the wide-temperature zone power nickel-hydrogen battery produced by Zhongke Zhongrui (Harbin) Clean Energy Co., Ltd. can be charged and discharged under the high temperature of -55 °C to solve the "winter" problem of electric vehicles in the northeast region. At present, China Post Group and other companies have booked more than 3,000 electric vehicles that use the battery and are produced by the company. The total battery value exceeds 400 million yuan.

It is understood that lithium batteries have many advantages such as light weight, but the organic electrolyte solvent used in them can cause an explosion under certain circumstances, and it is difficult to charge when the power is below -10 °C. The wide-temperature nickel-hydrogen battery produced by Zhongke Zhongrui Company belongs to nickel-metal hydride battery . Its positive electrode is active material nickel hydroxide. The negative electrode active material is mainly made of hydrogen storage alloy. The aqueous electrolyte prevents the explosion. The battery can work normally in the environment of -55 ° C - 70 ° C, no need to heat and heat at low temperatures. The battery charge and discharge time is fast, and the charging work can be completed in 15 minutes.

"This battery can be started more than 8,000 times, up to 10,000 times." The head of Zhongke Zhongrui Company converts the actual operating life of the car, the battery life is over 8 years, and the life of the car is the same, reducing the replacement cost of the battery. . The battery contains 50% metal nickel and 30% rare earth, which can be completely recycled when the battery reaches the service life, completely avoiding the pollution problem of other types of batteries.

In hot die forging press, the automatic line for host is active the development direction of forging crankshaft production, the production line will be widely used precision shearing blanking, forging (cross wedge rolling) blocking, medium frequency induction heating, finish hydraulic press and other advanced technology, and equipped with robots, conveyor belt,back mold device of the turntable in auxiliaries, such as formation of flexible manufacturing system (FMS).

Through FMS, the work piece and mold can be replaced automatically and parameters can be adjusted automatically.Display and record the data of the thickness and maximum pressure of the Forging Parts and compare it with the fixed value. Select the optimal deformation amount to obtain the quality products.The whole system is monitored by the central control room to realize unmanned operation.The crankshaft forged by this forging method has the full fiber property of internal metal streamline and can increase the fatigue strength by more than 20%.

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