Jinda drying Inner Mongolia Tianyuan Montmorillonite large spray drying equipment has been shipped

After a two-month production, the large spray drying equipment ordered by Inner Mongolia Tianyuan Montmorillonite entered the delivery phase. Because of the large equipment, only part of the parts are currently shipped, and some of them are still required to be produced and assembled on site. It is expected that the on-site production and installation time will be 60 days.
The equipment model is: LPG-1100 montmorillonite centrifugal spray dryer, the entire tower body up to 13m, tower diameter of 6.6m, of which the cylindrical section height is 6.5m, the conical section height is 6.5m, can be the initial moisture 70 % of the liquid material is dried to a moisture content of less than 5% and the yield can reach 500Kg/h.
Our company has extensive experience in the production of large-scale non-standard spray dryers. Currently it is a large group such as Dongfang Yuhong, Hengyang Xinhua, Dezhou Continental Shelf, Liming Chemical Research Institute, Changling Refining & Chemicals, Institute of Stone Science, Qilu Petrochemical, and Gujing Group. Company service, welcome customers to consult, visit our company. Our company will tailor a feasible technical solution for your company.

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The arm may be the sum total of the mechanism or may be part of a more complex robot. 

The links of such a manipulator are connected by joints allowing either rotational motion (such as in an articulated robot) or translational (linear) displacement.

The links of the manipulator can be considered to form a kinematic chain. 

The terminus of the kinematic chain of the manipulator is called the end effector and it is analogous to the human hand.

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