Kumho Tire Reloads 2014 Beijing Auto Show

From April 21st to 29th, 2014, the 13th China Beijing Auto Show will be held at the Grand Exhibition Hall of the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. By then, Kumho Tire will bring its many high-tech products and new products to its debut to show consumers Kumho Tire's forward-looking technology and strong R&D capabilities.

As one of the most influential automobile exhibitions in the world, this year's Beijing Auto Show has more than 2,000 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions. All multinational automobile companies in the world have positioned the Beijing Auto Show at the world’s most important A-Class auto show. A total of 1,134 vehicles have been displayed, and the world’s first car, 118 sets, has renewed the record of the Beijing Auto Show. Among them, 31 multinational companies’ global launches and multinational companies’ Asian debuts. There were 45 vehicles, 71 concept vehicles, and 79 new energy vehicles. Some companies even launched more than two global starting vehicles. As a long-established multinational tire company, Kumho Tire Co., Ltd. has participated in the Beijing Auto Show for many consecutive years and has participated in the Beijing Auto Show. Through this excellent platform for industry exchanges, it has introduced the company’s strength, culture, and characteristics to cutting-edge products. Lake Tire focuses on China and strives to develop and develop high-quality tires that meet the Chinese market with confidence and determination.

Variety of new products wonderful debut

Kumho Tire announced a number of new products during the Beijing Auto Show, namely ECSTAHS81, SOLUHS61 and Sealant TireKU50 “self-healing tires”.

ECSTAHS81 possesses the same outstanding performance as the Kumho Premium series and has a striking racing flag pattern on the tire sidewall. The personalized design not only shows the high-performance characteristics of the tire product, but also differentiates the product itself. label. SOLUSHS61 enhances the comfort performance of the Shule Chi series of products. It also has a personalized wavy pattern printed on the sidewall of the tire, highlighting its product features. Both ECSTAHS81 and SOLUSHS61 belong to the Kumho Tire's supporting tire products, mainly supporting medium-to-high-end European models, but the rear-loading retail market is still available for purchase.

The SealantTireKU50 is a self-healing tire with a Sealant sealant applied to the interior of the tire. When the tread area is punctured with a nail or something during driving, the Sealant material prevents the air from leaking because the internal air pressure moves to the piercing area. , which greatly enhances the safety and stability of the car. The successful development of the SealantTireKU50 self-healing tires not only demonstrated the strong R&D capabilities of Kumho Tires, but also filled the gaps in the production of such products by Korean tire companies.

High-tech products continue to flash

The Kumho Tire will not only bring premium RE products such as the Premium series of high-end products, Wintercutter WinterCraft series winter tires, ECSTAPS91, SA01, and TBR truck tires, but also S700 race tires, aircraft tires and 32-inch tire heights. Technology products are displayed together.

Kumho ECSTAPS91 tires are an upgraded version of the original Ultra High Performance (UHP) tires. It combines Kumho Tire's highest-end racing tire manufacturing technology with a maximum power of over 500 horsepower. It not only enhances grip, braking force, and high-speed durability. Performance in various aspects, such as driving and driving experience, is a new type of product that can further enhance the performance of ultra-high speed vehicles on ordinary roads. The release of ECSTAPS91 also means that Kumho Tires will use this as an opportunity to start aggressively into the ultra-high performance tire market such as sports cars and racing competitions.

The S700 race tire is specially developed for the field race. As the special tire for the CTCC China Touring Car Championship, its unique light tire tread ensures grip and dry track handling, ensuring the smooth progress of each CTCC race. The frequent listing of high-tech products once again demonstrated the strong R&D strength of Kumho Tire and the unremitting pursuit of quality products.

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