MIM for Rotating Shuttle and Sewing Machine Parts

Technics: MIM
Quoted Condition: 2D / 3D Drawing / Sample
Package: Carton, Plastic Bag, Export Package
OEM/ODM: Welcome
Precision Processing: Mixing, Injection, De-Binding, Sintering
Production Time: 15-30 Days
Weight: 14.8g
Size: 10.5*10.4 mm
Trademark: drome
Transport Package: Carton
Specification: 290*190
Origin: Suzhou, China
MIM(Metal powder Injection Molding) is the 5th generation of metal forming technology.  Over 40 years of development, people gradually find more applications for MIM process especially in the 3C products application. From initial groping to mature stage, MIM technology witness the ups and downs of 3C products in the past ten years.
Fortunately, there are several parts of design such as hinges, fiber optic connector bases, and new style connectors are closely dependent on MIM technology. These products are being produced in a large number and MIM technology is being adopted by more and more.

MIM and CIM--Drome can provide one-stop service solution.
The basic attributes include:
1.Economical production of complex parts with weight from 0.03 to 200g from high-performance engineering materials.
2.Parts with high dimensional precision (±0.1%~±0.5%) and good surface quality (surface roughness 1~2μm).
3.Parts with high relative density (96%~100%), homogeneous microstructure and superior performance.
4.Adaptable to powders of various materials and wide application of the parts.
5.Material saving through the recycle of wastes, production process with high level of automation and suitable for mass production

Flow chart of metal injection molding

MIM for Rotating Shuttle and Sewing Machine Parts

Application of MIM

MIM for Rotating Shuttle and Sewing Machine Parts

Products Range:
Material   Typical Values    
Designation Code Density g/cm3 Tensile Properties Young's modulus, Gpa Un-notched Charpy Impact Energy,J Hardness,Rockwell
    UTS. Mpa Y.S. (0.2%), Mpa Elongation (in 25.4mm) %     Macro (apparent)  Micro (converted)
MIM-Fe2Ni 7.8 280 115 25     55 HRB 50HRC    
MIM-Fe8Ni 7.8 450   12     84HRB 50HRC    
MIM-2200 (as sintered) 7.8 290 125 40.0 190 135 45 HRB  
MIM-2700 (as sintered) 7.8 415 255 26.0 190 175 69 HRB  
MIM-4605 (as sintered) 7.8 440 205 15.0 200 70 62 HRB  
MIM-4605 (Q&T) 7.8 1655 1480 2.0 205 55 48 HRC 55 HRC
MIM-304L 7.8 500   70     60 HRB  
MIM-316L (as sintered) 7.85 520 175 50.0 190 190 67 HRB  
MIM-410 7.7 900   7       40 HRC
MIM-420 (heat treated) 7.7 1380 1200 12 190 40   45-60HRC
MIM-430L (as sintered) 7.8 410 240 25.0 210 150 65 HRB  
MIM-440C 7.8 700 590 15       45-60HRC
MIM-17-4PH (as sintered) 7.8 900 730 6.0 190 140 27 HRC  
MIM-17-4PH (heat treated) 7.8 1190 1090 6.0 190 140 33 HRC 40 HRC
Material Density( g/m 3) Tensile Strength( Mpa) elastic modulus( Gpa) (thermal conductivity) W/(mk) ( Thermal Expansion) 10-6/k
Copper(Cu) 8.9 100 130 250 13
Invar(fe-36ni) 8 300 205 20 5
Kovar Or F15 (Fe-29ni-17co) 8.0 480 200 17 4.9
 Molybdenum-copper (Mo-15cu) 10 210 280 170 7
 Molybdenum-copper (Mo-20cu) 9.9 200 280 145 6.5
 Tungsten-copper (W-10cu) 17 500 340 209 6
 Tungsten-copper (W-20cu) 16 560 290 247 7
 Tungsten-copper (W-30cu) 14 420 260 260 11

product field
Aerospace Airfoil Hinge,Rocket Nozzle,Guided Missile Spoiler,Turbine Blade Core
Auto Industry Ignittion Control Lock Parts,Turbo Charger Rotor,Valve Guide Rail,Break Gear Parts and Sun Block Shack Parts
Electronics Disc drive parts,Cable Connector,Electronic Valve Shell,Computer Print Head,Electronic Packaging Parts and Heat Sink Material
War Industry Mine Rotor,Gun Trigger,Armor Piercer,Sight Base,Flechette Arrow and Shrapnel
Medical Industry Orthopaedic Bracket,Internal Sewing Needle,Biopsy Forceps,Radiation-proof Cover
Daily Necessities Watch Shell,Watch Belt,Watch Buckle,Golf head and Ball Seat,Sport Shoe-buckle,PE Mechanical Parts,Hole Puncher,Fish Catch and Bias Hammer
Mechanical Industry Irregular Milling Cutter,Cutting Tools,Micro Gears and Sewing Machine Parts

MIM for Rotating Shuttle and Sewing Machine Parts
MIM for Rotating Shuttle and Sewing Machine PartsMIM for Rotating Shuttle and Sewing Machine Parts

MIM for Rotating Shuttle and Sewing Machine Parts


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2. How to transport?
For small quantity, we choose TNT, FEDEX, UPS etc
For big quantity, air or sea would be available .
3. packing details?
We attached our normal packing details Plastic disc/carton.
If the customer has specified packing specification, we will pack according to the customer's requirement.

Company Profile
  • Design and manufacture Metal Injection Molding Parts, Ceramic Injection Molding Parts, Plastic Injection Molding Parts
  • Current 10,000 Manufacturing Space, 30,000 in Construction;
  • More than 200 Employees, 17 Engineers;
  • 2017 Sales Revenue >10 Million USD;
  • IATF 16949, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001;
  • 5% Revenue Yearly Invested in R&D;
  • Best Machines, Germany Arburg, Japan Nissei, Japan Shimadzu;etc.;
  • Serving Top Players in Industries of Auto, Consumer Electronics, Medical Appliance, etc. ;


Slewing Bearing is a kind of can bear larger axial load, radial load and tilting moment, a comprehensive load bearing, rotating, transmission, fixed, and other functions in one of the special structure of large bearing.In general, the slewing bearing itself is equipped with mounting hole, lubricating oil and sealing device, which can meet the different needs of various hosts working under various working conditions. on the other hand, slewing bearing has a compact structure, easy to guide the rotation, convenient installation and easy maintenance etc, are widely used in lifting the transport machinery, mining machine, construction machinery, port machinery, wind power generation, medical equipment, the radar and missile launcher and other large rotary device.

slewing ring

Application of slewing bearing:

Engineering machinery, various equipment platforms, trailers, wind power, solar energy, medical devices, robots.

Full types of slewing bearing as below:

Single row four-point contact ball slewing bearing,

Double different diameter ball slewing bearing

Single row cross roller slewing bearing,

Three row roller slewing bearing

Single row four-point contact ball slewing bearing (QU, QW, QN series)

Single row four-point contact ball slewing bearing.

Single row four-point contact ball slewing bearing.

Four point contact slewing bearing (VL series)

Four point contact slewing bearings (VS series)

Four point contact slewing bearing (V series)

Single row cross roller slewing bearing (XS series)

Single row cross roller slewing bearing (X series)

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