Osram, Cree, dry photos and other big coffee have been enlarged?

The 13th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (SSL China) and the 3rd Generation Semiconductor International Conference (IFWS) were held at the Beijing International Convention Center on November 15-18, 2016. The first day of the opening ceremony focused on the conference, 2014 Novo The winner of the Bell Physics Award, the Department of Materials Science and Technology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, officially headed the company, and Osram acquired a stake in Tvilight. Cree will bring a US company to court. This week, the LED circle is full of fun. Let's talk about this big event together. Nakamura Shuji proposes three important new trends in the LED industry. The 13th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (SSL China) and the Third Generation Semiconductor International Conference (IFWS) were held at the Beijing International Convention Center on November 15-18, 2016. In the opening ceremony of the day, the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor Nakamura Shuji, Professor of Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara, mentioned three new trends in the LED industry, including Micro LED, laser lighting, and LiFi. Wait. CSP market turning point is approaching, Taiwan factory new century leading layout New Century pointed out that the current product and technology leading layout related to Flip Chip and CSP technology and products, has obtained a number of key technology patents in the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan and other countries It has become the global leader in Flip Chip and CSP technology, patent and production capacity. LED patent wars again, Cree will be a US company to report to the court According to foreign media reports, Cree has filed a complaint against the US company E. MishanSons, Inc. (Emson) to the US Massachusetts District Court, accusing Emson flashlight products Infringes on its LED technology patents, including Bell + Howell Taclight. Panasonic creates a new selling point for LED bulbs and launches long-term warranty According to Japanese media reports, Panasonic will promise a 5-year warranty on its LED bulb products from December 1. Because it is difficult to break the gap with other company products in terms of basic performance, Panasonic hopes to create new selling points by introducing long-term warranty. It is reported that as long as the Panasonic LED bulb products can not be lit within 5 years, you can replace the new products for free. Panasonic LED bulbs purchased before December can also be covered with a 5-year warranty on receipt and manufacturing number. In the fourth quarter of the LED industry, Yiguang, Jingdian, Ronda and Guangbao Branch entered the LED industry in the off-season, and the backlight demand turned weak. However, LED lighting still has support, and LED manufacturers’ monthly revenue decreased in October. Within 10%, it is estimated that revenue will remain stable this quarter. And the monarch officially took charge of Ganzhao Optoelectronics. After the 80s Jin Zhangyu served as the chairman of the company, Zhaozhao Optoelectronics announced on the evening of November 10th that in recent years, the capital market has frequently been active in the capital market, officially in charge of the board of the company. After the Jin Zhang Yu served as chairman of the board. The new chairman Jin Zhangyu is a post-80, only 34 years old. Public information shows that Jin Zhangyu was born in 1982, Chinese nationality, bachelor degree. He has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Investment Manager, Investment Director and Senior Partner of Hejun Group; currently serves as Chairman and Legal Representative of Shenzhen and Junzheng Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Executive Partner of Suzhou and Zhengyi Equity Investment Fund Management Enterprise (Limited Partnership) people. The total investment of 500 million yuan! Nanchang Optical Valley's first LED automotive lighting project officially put into operation on November 14th, in the Qinghai Lake District, Nanchang City, the servant industrial park, Jiangxi Luye Auto Lighting Co., Ltd. total investment of 500 million LED automotive lighting project Officially put into operation. It is reported that this is the first LED automotive lighting project officially put into operation in Nanchang Optics Valley, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 sets of complete vehicle LED lights and LED light source modules. 150 million large orders! Liard subsidiary Jinda Lighting won the bidding lighting project Liard's wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Jinda Lighting Co., Ltd. received the Shangrao City Administration (referred to as the owner) on November 15, 2016 "Notice of winning the bid". The notice confirms that Jinda Lighting is the winning bidder for the urban nightscape upgrading project of the administrative center of Shangrao City. The contract price is RMB 150 million and the construction period is 80 calendar days. OSRAM acquires part of Tvilight's shareholding and expands smart lighting industry chain OSRAM acquired a minority stake in Tvilight, a Dutch software expert, to further expand its expertise in urban smart outdoor lighting systems. As a lighting equipment manufacturer, OSRAM will hold a 47.5% stake in the company. In addition, Tvilight will provide sensing technology and intelligent light management software for OSRAM's smart city solutions. Idemitsu and Merck reached an OLED material licensing agreement. Idemitsu Kosan and Merck signed a cooperation agreement to allow the parties to use each other's OLEDs in certain areas. Material related patents. Another Chinese company's overseas mergers and acquisitions, more than 1 billion won the US LED driver IC factory iML November 10, Beijing Yizhuang International Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing JiChuang North Technology Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of the Beijing Sui and Tang Dynasties Chuang Technology Co., Ltd. acquired iML, a power management IC design company of Exar, a US IC design manufacturer, for approximately US$150 million (equivalent to approximately RMB1,024 million) and officially completed the delivery. Power saving up to 80%! Huawei Lighting Internet of Things solution unveiled at the High-Tech Fair Huawei will bring the lighting Internet of Things to participate in this high-tech fair. The scheme integrates urban lighting street lights into the IoT network and visually manages them based on GIS. The manager can clearly understand the status information of each street and every street lamp. Each street lamp is equipped with a street lamp controller for controlling. Switch and dimming. Osram re-launched new initiatives to merge smart lighting business and digital lighting division OSRAM decided to merge its smart lighting business (LIGHTFY) and digital lighting business unit (DIGITAL SYSTEM) to combine the advantages of both parties to create brilliant results. This move is bound to create synergies and promote the growth of OSRAM in the world. Bioraytron is a joint venture brand of Optical and Crystal, focusing on the sales of UV-C LED products as UV and infrared chip manufacturers; Yanjing is focusing on packaging and modules, optimistic about the development of deep UV market, and actively established two years ago. Taiwan's deep UV product supply chain. At the end of 2016, Guanghao and Yanjing announced product briefings and jointly announced that Bioraytron is a joint venture brand of Guangyan and Yanjing, and established vertical integration of deep ultraviolet LEDs. From epitaxial wafer production, focusing on UV-C LED package and module related products sales. . Researchers have developed new nano-film technologies, and deep-UV LEDs are expected to be low-priced. Deep-UV light is widely used in drinking water purification and strict sterilization of medical devices, but they are usually made up of large and bulky mercury lamps. In addition to being used in emergency situations such as battlefields, it is not environmentally friendly. To overcome this problem, Ohio State University engineers have developed a flexible, lightweight, LED-based deep UV film prototype. It can be applied to items and then kills harmful microorganisms particularly effectively. Attention! The new national standard GB7000.1-2015 will be issued with the notice of China Quality Certification Center. The latest version of the national mandatory standard GB 7000.1-2015 released on December 31, 2015, "Lighting Part 1: General Requirements and Tests" From January 1, 2017, the implementation will replace GB7000.1-2007 "Lighting Part 1: General Requirements and Tests". US Department of Energy pushes LED lighting screening platform lighting design super practical The US Department of Energy (DOE) LED lighting product energy efficiency labeling certification introduces a new tool for lighting designers and lighting specification experts. LED lighting products energy efficiency labeling certification provides a customized platform, allowing users to search for and select suitable products from the huge LED lighting product database. Currently, there are about 54,000 kinds of data from 1,400 manufacturers. LED lighting products. This tool will help users manage lighting projects. The 13th Five-Year LED Lighting Industry Development Plan is expected to be released before the release. According to Ren Shuben, Director of the Environment and Development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, in order to further optimize and improve the market environment and policy environment of the LED lighting industry, the current 13th Five-Year LED lighting industry development plan is being researched and In the process of formulation, and ready to seek the opinions of the relevant departments, and strive to be released before the year. The basic calculation is that the overall output value of China's semiconductor lighting industry will reach 1 trillion yuan in 2020, and the market share of LED lighting products can reach 60%.

CNC Upper Exchange Nozzle

CNC Upper Exchange Nozzle

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