Sanitation garbage trucks need to pay attention to what issues?

First: The sanitation garbage truck will hit the front on a high speed and turn it to the end. Turn the front angles of the two front wheels to the top, and lower your head to pick up your buttocks. Look closely at the inside of your front two wheels to check if there are scratches and bags. You do not necessarily know this!

Second: Every vacuum tyre has no inner tube and belongs to low pressure tyre. There is absolutely no need to charge the gas more than the prescribed value, so that the chance of inflating the tyre by inverting is insignificant. In the case of vacuum tires, if a tire is punctured on the highway, because it is low pressure, it is less like a high pressure tire than a high pressure tire. Not necessarily know. Therefore, if a low-pressure tire sanitation garbage truck is used to complete the front tire on the highway, if you guarantee not to panic and firmly control the direction, you can surely save your life!

Thirdly, never drop on an emergency parking zone similar to the Jingshi Expressway. There are many cars parked there for maintenance. Many discarded scraps are discarded, and it is not easy for you to notice that these silk tires will be compressed. Stand up and get in your tires. This will make it easier for you to check on the front tires before you go high. The same is true when entering the service area. Do not park the platform truck in the parking area of ​​the large platform truck. You do not necessarily know it!

Fourth: Even if the garbage truck has a long opening time, it is commonly known as “knowing and knowing one another and victorious.” Once an aerial vehicle driver wants to overtake his car, he rarely changes his mind. This requires you to observe keenly the speed and distance of all the trucks in front of each other. Before they implement specific operations, they should be able to determine their speed. In the next step, you will take the initiative of safe avoidance in your hand!

Fifth: Longitudinal line-of-sight is far less than the observation angle and distance of all large-vehicles when all the small-vehicles are driving at high speeds, and any small-platform vehicles have done wind tunnel tests before the production of the sludge model stage. All the screams are over 100 kilometers per hour. All parts of the ring are made to be eliminated, and the raindrop-like streamline makes the small-platform vehicle lift up to high speed and it easily becomes unaware of it. Therefore, when driving on a high-speed road, remember that when you really need a more urgent brake platform car, you can only reduce the damage level of the accident. Generally, you cannot basically avoid the disaster that you need to dodge. The core of safety is determined by your pre-incident A few seconds of accurate observation and judgment!

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