Security-Specific 250m PoE Switch with VLAN Function

Following the “big power” of wireless products, Feng Runda has launched a special 250-meter PoE switch with VLAN function. As the third force of 2016 Feng Runda, this series of products pioneered a key monitoring mode, support "data transmission extension mode", "VLAN", "default" three kinds of work modes. Undoubtedly, this means that new products are very eye-catching.

These 250-meter PoE switches with VLAN function security break the traditional 100-meter limit, greatly extending the transmission distance, and providing a wider product coverage. At the same time, they can effectively suppress network storms and improve network performance and security.

Three super-powered 250-meter PoE switches for security with VLAN function, let everyone look at it quickly.

Product 1: PS5081

The device provides eight Fast Ethernet PoE ports and one uplink (100Mbit/s) port. It supports three modes of data transmission: extended mode, VLAN, and default. The network extension mode can be easily turned on or off just by using the dial switch.

When the network extension mode is enabled, ports 1 to 8 of the PoE port are isolated from each other and only communicate with the uplink port. That is, ports 1 to 8 cannot communicate with each other and can communicate with the uplink port. PoE ports 1 to 8 negotiate at a rate of 10 Mbps. Both power supply and data transmission can reach 250m.

When the network extension mode is turned off, the PoE1~8 ports and the uplink ports can directly communicate with each other (self-negotiation). That is, ordinary PoE switches support af/at power supply and the transmission distance is 100 meters.

Product II: PS2082

This product provides eight 100M PoE ports and two Gigabit ports. The two Gigabit ports include one Gigabit electrical port and one Gigabit optical port. Supports three modes of operation: "data transfer extension mode", "VLAN", and "default".

In the default standard mode, af/at standard power supply is provided, and the power supply distance is up to 100 meters. When the network extension mode is enabled, the dedicated mode can be monitored and 250 meters long distance power transmission can be provided. In the VLAN isolation mode, 1-8 One hundred trillion ports are isolated from each other to ensure network transmission performance and security.

Product III: PS6016

The device provides 16 Fast Ethernet PoE outlets and 2 Combo ports. The 2 combo ports are 2 Gigabit electrical ports and 2 Gigabit optical ports for optical multiplexing. They can be flexibly selected according to the usage scenarios. High scalability.

As with the PS2082 above, the PS6016 also uses the “default”, “data transfer extension mode”, and “VLAN” three dial switches.

In the default standard mode, providing af/at standard power supply, power supply distance up to 100 meters; in the network extension mode that is monitoring dedicated mode, the negotiation rate of 1~16 ports is 10Mbps, and the distance between power supply and data transmission can reach up to 250 meters. The remote power supply transmission can be performed. In the VLAN port isolation mode, the 1~16 ports are isolated from each other and cannot communicate with each other, thus suppressing the network storm and improving the network performance.

Features 250m PoE Switch with VLAN Features

Compared with ordinary PoE switches (standard mode), the above three products have more network extension modes and VLAN modes, which are more widely used in functions and applications.

1, Standard mode, equivalent to everyone's common PoE switch, all ports can freely communicate, power transmission distance up to 100 meters, suitable for normal power supply network distance, such as network monitoring or wireless coverage.

2. In the network extension mode, the transmission rate of the PoE port is 10Mbps for auto-negotiation, which can increase the power transmission distance to 250 meters, which greatly prolongs the transmission distance. This not only solves the problem of long-distance transmission in the network monitoring project, but also Can replace the optical fiber and network extender to solve the long-distance power problem. In actual engineering projects, engineering complexity and costs can be minimized.

3, VLAN isolation mode, because it can prevent each port from communicating with each other, inhibit broadcast storms, which can effectively improve the network operating efficiency and security. It is especially suitable for connection scenarios of wireless APs, which can effectively suppress network storms and improve wireless network performance.

Feng Runda's VLAN-based 250-meter PoE switch is designed with a metal case design, industrial-grade workmanship, ruggedness, and reliable performance and data transfer. Whether it is security monitoring, or wireless coverage, can help you easily build a high-quality PoE power supply network.

Not only the gas field, but also the market! The above three products will be listed soon, so stay tuned.

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