SME Information Steps into Sham Shui Po District

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In recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been the most concerned group in the Chinese economy, not only because SMEs are responsible for stimulating the economy, absorbing employment, promoting innovation, and promoting economic growth, but they are also the weakest performers in the economic environment. Ring, financial dilemma, high dependence, difficulty in sales, lack of long-term planning and resource integration capabilities... Problems in every link can easily lead to failures, layoffs, and business termination. The support at the national policy level is endless, but it is only to create a relaxed environment. What exactly is the prescription for truly improving the viability of SMEs?

It can be said that informationization has allowed SMEs to come out and believe that it is a good medicine for improving the fate of SMEs. On the one hand, it is the promotion of information service companies at the business, product, and industry levels. On the one hand, the government is “relaxing” on policies, service initiatives, and overall heights. The promotion of information technology for SMEs will enter the fast lane. Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the “State Council’s Opinions on Further Supporting the Healthy Development of Small and Micro Enterprises”, stating that it will support the development of small and micro enterprises by implementing various tax incentives and improving the operating environment of small and medium-sized enterprises, including the introduction of financial and taxation issues. The various policies within it, as well as supporting the establishment and improvement of 4000 public service platforms for small and micro enterprises, will focus on nurturing 500 national public service demonstration platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises.

However, whether it is the information services provided by the B2B website or the low-cost marketing brought by the network promotion, in the initial stage of its emergence, it was only the fetal movement during the germination period, and it was also constrained by many unfavorable factors, resulting in the informatization road not being easy to navigate. . The outbreak of the financial crisis hit the enthusiasm of SMEs to explore and try. Coupled with the unfavorable system and the lagging social service system, the operating mechanism and organization system are not suitable for the economic development. The quality of the operators is not high, the management level is low, the labor shortage, the economic efficiency is low, and the capital injection is insufficient. Again caught in trouble.

Focusing on the current situation, the whole industry is still in a chaotic period of decentralized resources, single business model, and insignificant effect from the perspective of serving small and medium-sized enterprises. This has brought a lot of trouble to small and medium-sized enterprises in participating in informatization. "Horizontal integration, vertical extension" will be the main theme of the development of China's B2B industry in the future. In other words, what SMEs need is not a simple display of procurement and supply information. It is no longer just a rough platform for search, product introduction and linking. What they need is financial guarantees that extend from supply and marketing and the procurement chain. , integrity protection, efficiency, docking, transaction, business opportunities and other comprehensive services.

From the aspect of horizontal integration, relying on the B2B alliance's business search platform, it achieved the gathering of information on the mainstream B2B industry websites. The emergence of this business model has benefited from the explosive growth of the B2B website, which has reached as many as 10,500 at the highest, and a large number of commercial information emerged, giving birth to this business form. Similar to the birth of Baidu search engine. Therefore, Mingwan first established the B2B Alliance and brought together more than 3,000 industry websites. In April 2010, B2B Business Search was launched. Through reptiles, they analyzed the product supply and demand information of various industry websites and reorganized to form a new supply chain database and business directory. The sum of the resulting database, information and traffic will be 3,000 times that of a single website, and its scale effect and value will be more prominent. For industry websites, due to the availability of effective traffic and transaction sharing, the degree of dependence will increase.

In addition to horizontal integration, B2B search also enables vertical product innovation and value mining. On the one hand, vertical B2B websites are promoted to get rid of the single advertising model. From the original information providers in the subdivided areas, they become the best channels for online and offline business matching. On the other hand, a new industry chain search and community model is introduced. The former is a major innovation aimed at the B2B model. It can dynamically display the upstream and downstream supply relationship maps of ancillary products, raw materials, derivative products, production and processing equipment, and clearly present upstream and downstream ecological maps of any company. This tree structure allows Business is simpler. Zhang Tongming calls this “deep search”. Currently, it has accumulated 50,000 product upstream and downstream industry chain information. Only one job of information collection has consumed more than 50 teams for nearly a year, studying the upstream and downstream industries. Product relations. In addition, the introduction of the community review function also allows B2B search quality assurance to be supported by third-party reviews. Users can refer to the review information to judge a supplier’s product.

Breakthrough in two dimensions, horizontal, vertical and horizontal, has made B2B business search a new level of precision and professionalism. It also meets the trend of industry segmentation and professional development, and can provide businesses with the most effective and accurate business. Search service. Experts in the industry stated that the Internet industry will mature later on in terms of commerce and transaction level. However, due to the high requirements for commercial specialization and the complex supply chain, it will inevitably lead to subdivision, and the traditional search and information service model will be further transformed. However, the emergence and innovation of B2B commercial search has accelerated this upgrade.

Together, B&B is the only way to enter the development of Sham Shui Po District. Zhang Tongming believes that the maturity of the B2B industry will be longer and the environment will be more complex. Concentrating on industry websites with the strength of the alliance will not only help B2B industry websites find a way out of the predicament, allowing them to focus more on specialization, promote innovation, and most fundamentally. It provides a green channel for the informationization of SMEs. It does not need to register members or send information on multiple websites, nor does it have to invest huge information costs, and it can take a seat in the industry ecology. From this perspective, the B2B Alliance provides a mechanism and platform for each B2B website to perform its duties, and the scale, quality, product, and professionalization have maximized the value and simplified the cost of SME informationization. Directly improve the results and returns.

For the future development direction of B2B industry, Zhang Tongming predicts that the B2B model will continue to evolve and evolve. The B2B Alliance has completed the processing, classification, and reorganization of 3,000 B2B website information in two years, covering 45 mainstream industries. More than 50,000 types of product industry chain information have helped 250,000 SMEs to improve operating efficiency. “Currently, it is at a critical point of accelerating development. Under the trend of openness and platform development, B2B business search will form a complete industrial chain ecology with the addition of more industry B2B sites, and the multiplier effect will promote scale upgrades. It will release more energy and will completely solve the series of problems that plague B2B development and bring greater value transformation to SMEs."

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