The hospital deceives rural women for surgery

Hospitals deceive rural women to operate diesel generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2010-08-14

The Wuhan Women's Hospital had a free woman's check for hidden traps. A large number of rural women had surgery. Yesterday, the Mayor of Wuhan Municipality, Ruan Chengfa, gave instructions on this matter in this newspaper and instructed relevant departments to investigate and verify it as soon as possible and handle it according to law.
Relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Municipal Health Bureau also stated that they are earnestly implementing the instructions of Mayor Cheng Fafa, seriously investigate, deal with it seriously, and announce the results to the public as soon as possible.
Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Municipal Health Bureau introduced the use of free gynecological examinations in the contemporary beauty hospital. After the “probably cancerous” grounds caused many rural women to undergo surgery, the main leaders of the Wuhan Municipal Health Bureau paid great attention and were held many times. The meeting studied the matter. On the afternoon of the previous day, they took a team of related investigators from the Department of Maternal and Child Health, Community Health, and health supervision to form a joint investigation team and started work overnight.
In order to ensure the seriousness of the investigation work, the Health Bureau also invited experts from Zhang Bin, vice president of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Wuhan City, Li Li, chief physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Wuhan First Hospital, to form an expert group. Yesterday morning, the investigation team formally entered the contemporary Jiali Hospital to carry out its work.
"Contemporary Beauty" did not report the number of patients
Investigation team: The hospital is suspected of forging a list
Yesterday morning, the joint investigation team of the Wuhan Municipal Health Bureau officially entered the contemporary Jiali Hospital to collect relevant materials, meet medical staff, and inspect the gynecological examination equipment. Subsequently, this newspaper also officially transferred the medical examination form collected earlier to the investigation team.
List of surgeries appears
In the survey, the person in charge of the Wuhan Contemporary Beauty Hospital stated that they had started free gynecological work since last year. Last year, they had a total of 6,000 women free of charge in the surrounding area. Since July of this year, a total of 2,535 rural women have participated in gynecological examinations, and 235 women have undergone surgery in hospitals.
In the list of free gynaecological examinations provided by the hospital, the reporter saw that the names and contact details of rural women were clearly written. Almost all of them were diagnosed with gynecological diseases such as cervical erosion and cervical cyst.
In the list of surgeries provided by the hospital, something strange has happened. In the interview, the reporter collected a total of 14 rural women's medical examination forms. Among them, 12 of them performed cervical erosion ablation. However, the investigators did not find six of them in the list of surgeries provided by the hospital.
The reporter saw that the 235-person surgery list had a time span of up to 1 month and the handwriting was written by one person. The staff of the investigation team said that this indicated that the hospital may have forged a list of operations and reported the number of operations.
Free gynecological check income of 280,000 yuan in January
In the investigation, the hospital said that the rural women participating in the gynecological inspection came from Yangxin Baisha Town, Futu Town and Yongjiahe Town of Hongan. However, in the interview, the reporters and other rural women in Xinzhou and Huangfu also participated in the gynecological examination.
According to a material provided by the hospital, they started the free gynecological examination from July 9th, with a total income of 280,000 yuan, of which the operating cost was 180,000 yuan.
The hospital also stated that in order not to increase the burden on rural women, medical expenses were also discounted. The cost of medical treatment for mild cervical erosion is 919 yuan, while the cost for moderate cervical erosion is 1119 yuan.
Hospital personnel exposed the inside story: there is a chain of interest behind the "modern beauty" model
"If you don't say it, I'm really uneasy!" Yesterday morning, people familiar with the market development work in a hospital found a reporter and revealed the chain of interest behind the free gynecological examinations at certain gynecological hospitals.
Shouting for charity
Informed person Liu Fen (a pseudonym) told reporters that since the beginning of last year, the National Ministry of Health, the All-China Women’s Federation, and the Ministry of Finance have jointly conducted “two-cancer” census activities in rural China, and some hospitals with imperfect motives have identified business opportunities.
As a result, some hospitals thought of entering the countryside in the name of the “two cancers” census or misappropriating the names of government departments, and defrauded the government’s grassroots organizations and rural women’s trust. In the interview, many rural women said that they would only go for a free gynecological examination because of the presence of government departments in their activities. Unexpectedly, this turned out to be a blind man.
Grassroots cadres get back rebates as lobbyists
“The hospital has a lot of salesmen, specifically to the urban areas, townships, and some local family planning stations or women’s federation leaders.” Liu Fen said that in order to encourage their enthusiasm, the hospital promised to give the head of the village women or the town In the commission, they organize women in the village to check in these hospitals. "For example, the hospital where I used to work, 18% of my income should be given to these introducers."
Liu Fen said in an interview that the reporter also received certain confirmation. Li Shanxia, ​​director of the Women’s Village in Fudao Township, Yangxin County, told reporters that a few days ago, the staff of the contemporary Jiali Hospital had found her and claimed to jointly organize a free gynecological inspection activity with the Wuhan Municipal Health Bureau. As a result, she sent some rural women to the hospital. Later, the hospital charged her 100 yuan for mobile phone bills.
In Yongjiahe Town, Hongan, many affected rural women reported that they were sent to the Wuhan Jiali Hospital for gynecological examinations under the organization of the Town Planning Office. Wu Maochi, head of the town planning and management office, acknowledged that the Yongjiahe Family Planning Office also held a meeting to arrange for mobilization.
Exaggerating the condition became a profitable measure
Liu Fen said that when a rural woman pulls a car from a rural village to a hospital, it will be profitable for the hospital. Only by exaggerating their condition and conducting deceitful treatment can money be drawn from the pockets of these rural women.
This is because these hospitals often have no advantages in equipment, uneven quality of medical personnel, and increasingly fierce market competition, can only increase revenue through a similar marketing model.
Wuhan Health Bureau issued an emergency message -
Once medical fraud is verified, it will be dealt with according to law.
Yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Health Bureau formally issued a document requesting the suspension of an emergency notification of free women's disease screening activities throughout the city.
The notice requires that, in order to standardize the general survey of women's diseases in our city, after research, it plans to suspend the implementation of the "Notice of the Municipal Health Bureau and the Municipal Women's Federation on Launching the 2010 Women's Disease Survey Activities" (Wu Wei (2010) No. 29). Fraud, induced inspections, excessive treatment and other violations, if verified, will be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
Initial investigation of "Contemporary Belle" suspected of multiple violations
The day before yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Health Bureau requested the Wuchang District Health Supervision Institute to conduct an investigation at the Wuhan Contemporary Beauty Hospital and issue a health supervision opinion. The reporter learned that in the survey, they found the following issues:
On the anesthesia record of the hospital, the anesthesiologist signed Wei as the anesthesiologist, but the court failed to present his qualification certificate.
In the pharmacy of the hospital, there was Zhang's signature on the prescription, but the place for the qualification certificate provided by the hospital was another hospital.
The hospital used a cervical smear sampling and colposcopy examination, but the hospital presented its nurse practising certificate.
According to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations such as the “Law of the People's Republic of China on the Practice of Doctors of Medicine”, first of all, they are required to carry out medical treatment activities in accordance with the operating technical specifications and the requirements of laws and regulations. Second, non-hygiene technicians must not be used for medical and health technical work and must not use prescriptions issued by persons who have not obtained prescription rights.
Responding to the requirements of the health department to search for “contemporary beauties” and women’s rural
From now on, at the request of the health department, rural women seeking free gynecological examinations at Wuhan Contemporary Beauty Hospital will be sought to learn more about the situation. Tel: 027-88567237. The reporter summarized the relevant information and reported it to the health department for unified treatment.
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