Urea cooling fluidized bed technology successfully industrialized

As of yesterday, the urea cooling fluidized bed technology developed by Ningbo Far East Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. has successfully achieved industrial application and has been operating stably on the urea system of the “18·30” technical transformation project of Hubei Huaqiang Chemical Industry Group for one year and two months. The technical indicators are all or better than the design value. This means that China's self-developed urea cooling fluidized bed technology has achieved a major breakthrough.
This device is currently the single device that uses domestic technology to handle the largest urea capacity. This achievement was successfully applied industrially in the urea system of the “18·30” technical transformation project of Hubei Huaqiang Chemical Industry Group, which will end the long-term reliance on imports of large urea granule cooling equipment in China.
According to Guo Weihong, director of the Hubei Huaqiang Chemical Technology Center, the company's "18.30" technological transformation project 300,000 tons of urea plant cooling fluidized bed project daily processing urea 1000 tons, in February 2008 officially linked production. After the device is put into operation, the temperature of the treated urea granules is controlled at 40° C. to 50° C., and the particle temperature in summer before the device is put into operation drops by 30° C. to 40° C., which is lower than the winter particle temperature by nearly 20° C. The annual average urea particle size (0.85~2.8mm) reached 97%~98%, which was 4%~5% higher than before the device was put into operation. The appearance quality of urea products was greatly improved. The urea granules have almost no dust and the dust removal rate is over 99%. The device not only recovers a large amount of dust, but also improves the working environment of the urea packaging job.
It is understood that in recent years, the domestic urea production capacity of chemical fertilizer companies has continued to expand, while the urea prilling tower has not been reconstructed, resulting in insufficient capacity of the granulation tower and affecting the appearance quality of finished urea, mainly manifested as high particulate temperatures, large dust content, Entrained with ammonia, small average particle size, uneven particle distribution, easy to store agglomerate. The demands of consumers on the appearance quality are constantly increasing, requiring uniform urea particles, no dust, no ammonia, and no agglomeration. In response to market demand, the domestic large-scale fertilizer plants have mostly adopted the introduction of foreign technologies to solve product quality problems. Not only is the investment huge, but the drying equipment service is difficult to guarantee.
Ningbo Far East Chemical Group Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research of energy-saving, high-efficiency, and environmental protection technologies for urea production plants for many years. They broke the monopoly of foreign technology and finally successfully developed the urea cooling fluidized bed technology and obtained national patents.
At present, Ningbo Far East Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is designing and manufacturing a cooling fluidized bed unit with a daily production capacity of 2,200 tons and 2,400 tons of urea per day, indicating that the Far East urea cooling fluidized bed technology is progressing toward large nitrogen fertilizer installations.

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