What color of wooden door is better?

Xiao Bian think that for the owners who need to decorate design, in addition to asking for clear materials, Xiao Bian suggested that it would be better to look at the appearance and some physical properties. For example, if you look at the details of it, can you do it? Soundproofing is good? How is the surface process? The other is color and texture. So today Xiao Bian came to talk to everyone about how the wooden doors should be selected in the decoration design.

Wooden door decorative design color profile selection suggestions:
1, matt easy to match, if the light is not good land;
2, wild white, if you can not choose, choose white;
3, the door panel shape should not be complex, simple but look good.
â–² The wooden color is also relatively easy to match, such as with wooden furniture â–² but the color of wood can be decorated very naturally, or it may become very soil. This problem was discussed before. On the one hand, I think it is the reason of texture and texture. On the other hand is the saturation of the yellow color reasons â–² other color decorative design of the wooden door is relatively rare, this kind of pale green very fresh â–² white wild, but the white is also divided into a variety of different white, white, ivory, white Etc. If you want to match white in the room, make sure that the white color is consistent beforehand. Take a sample of the previous material for the color of the material behind. â–² The white paint may be yellow if it is of poor quality. , If it is paint as much as possible choose UV paint, Dachang's product technology is relatively more reliable. â–² In addition to white, the common is the wood color, wood color is a large category, according to different wood or veneer, different lines , there will be different textures â–² more colorful colors are relatively easy to grasp, without the guidance of the designer is not recommended to choose â–² gray also It is a wild color and is very suitable for the now popular "Sexual Nordic style"
â–² Although black is not a color, it can be used in the same way as white, but the large black area in the interior design will make the indoor environment appear dark â–² A touch of blue is also good, light colors are relatively easy to match

Xiao Bian suggested that the door cover should generally be the same color as the door leaf. The visual effect is better unified. Of course, if the different colors are matched properly, unexpected and good results can be achieved.
Well, today's little share is here, we will see you tomorrow! The text was originally created by Dongguan Red Decoration Design Co., Ltd. and the copyright belongs to the author. Reprint please specify, thank you!

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