Yinghao, the various lighting channels, talk about the development of "smart lighting"

Sponsored by Shanghai Lighting Industry Association, Shanghai Lighting Society and Fudan University Electric Light Source Institute, Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd., Mulinsen Co., Ltd., Shanghai Career Optoelectronics Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Samsung Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Lighting City Co-organizer The 4th (2014) Shanghai Lighting Technology and Application Trends Forum was held in Shanghai Lighting City.
As one of the highest-profile activities in the lighting industry, the forum received strong support from Shanghai Hongkou District People's Government, China Lighting Association and China Lighting Society, and attracted about 500 participants from many experts, scholars and representatives from well-known enterprises. . The guests present at the forum included Chen Yansheng, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Lighting Association, Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Lighting Society, Lu Zeming, President of Shanghai Lighting Industry Association, Yu Anqi, Chairman of Shanghai Lighting Society, and General Manager of Shanghai Samsung Semiconductor Co., Ltd. National Day, Kerui China General Manager Shao Jiaping, Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Zhijun, Xiaomi Company Living Room Strategy Leader Gao Ziguang, Shanghai Lighting City Chairman Han Zonghuai and so on. The theme of this forum is new technology, new applications, and new models. Liang Rongqing is the chairman of the conference.
Did not show the vitality of emerging industries. Dou Linping first gave a welcome speech and brought a speech on the marketing model under the new format. He said that he is very happy to see the industry holding such high-profile activities. The holding of this forum has positively promoted the development of the industry in East China and even the whole country.
Dou Linping said that LED lighting has become a hot spot in the industry in recent years, and it has really entered the market in the past year and has shown many characteristics. The most prominent is the full implementation of LED products in the application field, which is particularly evident in the engineering channel. . However, the distribution channels are mainly affected by real estate regulation. The sales performance of first-tier cities is slightly flat. On the contrary, the market performance of second- and third-tier cities is higher than expected. At present, the market capacity and production capacity of LED products continue to grow, further promoting LED lighting products. Market penetration. At the same time, however, the quality of the products is uneven, the market has price competition and other problems, and the fact that the profit rate of the whole industry is continuously decreasing. The whole industry is full of quick success and short-term situation, which seriously affects the healthy development of the industry. Reflecting the vitality of an emerging industry.
In response to this situation, Dou Linping suggested that relevant departments should conduct appropriate regulation and control, and guide enterprises to increase investment in research and development. Focus on the future, fully consider the future application trend of LED products, especially pay attention to the future market prospects of the control field, and should also increase research efforts in this area.
From functional lighting to intelligent lighting, domestic manufacturers must pay more attention to increasing R&D investment in the LED lighting industry market and sales channels. Dou Linping also shared his views. He expressed his optimistic view on the future market capacity of LEDs. He said: Traditional lighting has accumulated trillions of market stocks over the past few years, and these products will be replaced by LED lighting products in the next five years. Once the replacement period has passed, LED lighting will truly change the format and mode of the entire lighting. From the simple functional lighting to the more diverse intelligent lighting, there is also a broad market space. At that time, the sales channels of the products will also face reforms, especially the involvement of e-commerce, which will bring uncertainty to the sales model of the enterprise. The combination of online and offline and the emergence of lighting service providers will be a trend. This issue deserves serious consideration for production companies entering the e-commerce field. In the current market competition, thanks to the improvement of sales channels, the original lighting companies such as Op Lighting and NVC Lighting still have great advantages. If new companies want to make a difference, they still need to build channels and brands. In terms of publicity and product promotion, the company will increase its efforts and accept the test of the market.
Liang Rongqing, director of the Institute of Electric Light Sources of Fudan University, expressed his welcome and gratitude to the guests. He said that this forum will use new technologies, new applications and new models as the theme, and invited dozens of industry experts and representatives from enterprises to bring 18 wonderful speeches, focusing on the current industry hotspots and focusing on the lighting industry. In the future, several development directions such as intelligence, networking and optical communication provide more ideas for the development of enterprises.
Liang Rongqing said that the application field of LED is constantly developing. As a practitioner, it should fully understand the market demand, gather more comprehensive information, promote newer application technologies, build a broader cooperation platform, inspire more development models, and truly guide the lighting industry. Grasp new opportunities and achieve the commanding heights of future development.
Chen Yansheng made a report on the development trend of China's lighting industry and LED lighting at the meeting. He exchanged views with the audience from three aspects: the status quo of the industry, the development trend and the revelation of visiting the Frankfurt Lighting Fair this year. He said that in 2013, the total output value of the domestic lighting industry reached 470 billion yuan, of which exports reached 36 billion US dollars. The increase in the export of lighting products reached nearly three times the total increase in the number of commodities developed by the Ministry of Commerce, which caused the Ministry of Commerce to attach great importance to and talk about the relevant people in the lighting industry. From the perspective of export changes in product categories, fixed lamps increased by 13.2 last year, mobile lamps increased by 200, and the export of LED products increased year by year.
Chen Yansheng then shared his experiences and conclusions at the 2014 Frankfurt Lighting Fair. He said that from the research direction of the world's leading major lighting manufacturers, intelligent lighting is an important development trend in the future. Domestic manufacturers should increase investment in R&D in this area and keep up with the needs of the future market. In addition, at this year's Frankfurt Lighting Fair, the display image of Chinese companies has also been greatly improved than before. For example, Op Lighting, Zhongming Lighting, etc., the brand promotion at the exhibition has been able to compete with foreign brands. For the future of the LED lighting market, Chen Yansheng also called on domestic enterprises to pay attention to product quality, and the quality inspection department should increase supervision and guide the domestic LED industry to develop healthier and stronger.
Intensive docking with other industries will become mainstream LIFI or popular urban smart lighting use Li Zhijun to share cross-border cooperation at the conference, unlimited opportunities for speech. He said that with the continuous improvement of lighting technology, pure functional lighting can no longer meet the needs of the market, and lighting products should be grafted with other industries at the technical level in the future. For example, lighting products can be integrated with intelligent control, wireless transmission, safety management and even human physical therapy, enriching the scope of application and extending the functions of the lighting industry. At present, several lighting giants such as Philips have started research in this area and made technological breakthroughs. At the moment, the lighting interactive experience and the construction of the light environment have basically become mainstream and have achieved considerable market performance. On this basis, improvements can be made to realize the lighting application construction of smart cities, which has become the current urban construction plan. Important topic.
Regarding how to realize these ideas, Li Zhijun said that the government's guiding function should be strengthened, with lighting applications as an entry point, building a big data platform in smart home and building applications, and enhancing the influence of lighting products in architecture. On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the intensity of standard construction, and use modern cities as a model to realize the integration and promotion of the lighting industry and other formats as soon as possible.
As a co-organizer of this forum, Mulinsen Co., Ltd. was also brought by the general manager of the company's lighting division, Lin Jiliang, to bring the timing of China's lighting channels. Lin Jiliang first introduced the current status of the lighting industry and Mulinsen's action mode in the LED era. He introduced that in 2013, Mulinsen has 44 operating centers, 500 core distributors and more than 10,000 distribution outlets across the country. In the future, more excellent channel suppliers will join Mulinsen, and the company will become a giant enterprise in the LED lighting industry.
Light the bulb to connect to the network and be safer, less electromagnetically polluting and unauthorized. Professor Chi Nan of Fudan University's Institute of Electric Light Sources describes the key technologies of LED visible light communication in an easy-to-understand language. According to her, visible light communication uses standard light to wirelessly propagate data. This process is called visible light communication (VLC), which is often referred to as Lifi, to show that it can bring wireless network transmission technology represented by WiFi. The revolutionary change is a new technology undertaken by Fudan University to undertake research and achieve technological breakthroughs last year. In this study, the ordinary LED bulb is equipped with a microchip, which can control it to flash millions of times per second. It lights up to indicate 1 and extinguishes to represent 0. Because the frequency is too fast, the human eye is not noticeable, and the light is not visible. The sensor can receive these changes. In this way, the binary data is quickly encoded into a light signal and transmitted efficiently.
Chi Nan said that future visible light communication is safer and more economical than existing WiFi. WiFi relies on invisible radio wave transmission, the power of the device is getting larger and larger, and the local electromagnetic radiation is bound to increase; the wireless signal passes through the wall and the network information is not safe. These security risks are swept away in visible light communication. Moreover, the spectrum is 10,000 times larger than the radio spectrum, meaning more bandwidth and higher speeds, and the network setup requires almost no new infrastructure.
According to reports, visible light communication can be cross-integrated with multiple industries in the future, and applied to many fields is a revolution in the communications industry. Although there is still a long way to go before this technology is truly market-oriented, for example, how to realize the indifference between daytime and Lifi, the two-way transmission of data, the compression and industrialization of related chips still need to be solved. However, the research results show that it can provide better security and reliability for traffic management in terms of visual signal and data transmission. In indoor positioning, visible light communication can transmit user's position information through lighting facilities, which is more accurate than traditional satellite positioning. Wait. LiFi is undoubtedly the leader of the next generation of smart city communications. In the construction of the next generation of cities, the smart grid is complete, and smart wires are connected to thousands of households. Coupled with the visible light communication transmitting and receiving EQUIPMENT made by the intensive chip, LED lighting can be popularized.
Intelligent control can maximize the LED attribute is a key factor in the realization of emotional lighting. In this forum, intelligent control has also become a hot topic of discussion. Yu Chengzong, project and product director from Yonglin Electronics, shared the intelligent lighting control system on site.
According to You Chengzong, with the increasing attention of the market, intelligent and energy-saving emission reduction, and LED lighting control can simultaneously meet the two requirements of beautifying the environment and energy saving, intelligent control has become the future development trend of LED. The intelligent control system is the key technology to achieve this demand. Based on this demand, Yonglin Electronics has developed a modern intelligent lighting control system (PLNET) based on the principle of the control system. Under the working principle of PLNET, all components have CPU operation and information storage functions. Each component can complete control work independently or different combinations according to requirements, and realize distributed and centralized diversified control methods. Combined with the computer to achieve full automation, accurately grasp the status of each load, to save energy and energy.
Rui Gao Lighting Marketing Director Qi Zhenguo also mentioned in the intelligent control of LED, creating an infinite possible speech, Rui Gao Lighting has developed flexible OLED lighting products, which also provides more choices for intelligent lighting design.
Sun Yong, general manager of Sunlight Lighting, also brought about the development of intelligent lighting. He said that as young people in the consumer group need personalized, older people need humanistic care, the lamps will be developed from the original functional lighting to emotional lighting, and intelligent control will be the realization of emotional lighting. The key factor. Therefore, the market demand for intelligent lighting will usher in an outbreak period. At present, with the advent of the Internet, the Internet of Things and the era of big data, this breakthrough can be achieved at the technical level. Nowadays, through the control modules and control gateways required for the lamps, the intelligentization of the lighting environment has come to the forefront of marketization.
Yu Anqi, Chairman of the Shanghai Lighting Society, Lu Yi, Samsung Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Shao Jiaping, General Manager of Career China, and Professor Jiang Xingya, Institute of Electric Light Sources, Fudan University, also shared their research results on the same day. The extensive attention of the guests. Finally, in recognition of Shanghai Yaming, Mulinsen shares, Shanghai Times Light Lighting Inspection Company and

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