New version of Shanghai Export Container Freight Index (10.15)

(New Shanghai Containerized Freight Index)


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Previous Index Previous Index (YYYY-MD)2010-09-17

Current Index Current Index (YYYY-MD)2010-10-15

Weekly Growth

Comprehensive Index 1375.81 1301.31 -74.5 Line Service Europe (Basic Port) Europe (Base port) USD/TEU 20% 1690 1567 -123 Mediterranean (Basic Port) Mediterranean (Base port) USD/TEU 10% 1685 1552 -133 US West (base port) USWC (Base port) USD/FEU 20% 2493 2379 -114 US East (basic port) USEC (Base port) USD/FEU 7.5% 3959 3797 -162 Persian Gulf (Dubai) Persian Gulf and Red Sea (Dubai) USD/TEU 7.5% 925 829 -96 ANZ (Melbourne) Austrlian/New Zealand (Melbourne) USD/TEU 5% 1044 1003 -41 West Africa (Lagos) East/West Africa (Lagos) USD/TEU 2.5% 2139 2022 -117 South Africa (Durban) South Africa (Duban) USD/TEU 2.5% 1319 1247 -72 South America (Santos) South America (Santos) USD/TEU 2.5% 2117 2010 -107 Kansai, Japan ( Basic Port) West Japan (Base port) USD/TEU 5% 308 308 0 Japan Kanto (Basic Port) East Japan (Base port) USD/TEU 5% 308 308 0 Southeast Asia (Singapore) Southeast Asia (Singapore) USD/TEU 5 % 295 275 -20 Korea (Pusan) Korea (Pusan) USD/TEU 2.5% 163 154 -9 Taiwan (Kaohsiung) Taiwan (Kaohsiung) U SD/TEU 2.5% 247 248 1 Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Hong Kong (Hong Kong) USD/TEU 2.5% 137 134 -3

Remarks: The sub-route freight rates include sea freight and sea freight related surcharges, which include the following surcharges:

Note: The freight rate includes ocean freight and surcharges, ie:

1. Fuel surcharge (BAF/FAF) 2. Emergency fuel surcharge (EBS/EBA) 3. Currency surcharge (CAF/YAS)

4. Seasonal Surcharge (PSS) 5. War Surcharge (WRS) 6. Port Congestion Surcharge (PCS)

7. Canal surcharge (SCS/SCF/PTF/PCC)

Basic Port: Select the base port of the route for reporting, Base Port: Report Freight Rates of Base Ports

Such as: Mediterranean-Barcelona/Valencia/Genoa/Naples Mediterranean Sea-Barcelona/Valencia/Genoa/Naples

Europe - Hamburg/Rotterdam/Antwerp/Flixstowe/Le Havre Europe_Hamburg/Antwerp/Felixtowe/Le Havre

West Coast-Los Angeles / Long Beach / Oakland USWC-Los Angeles/Long Beach/Oakland

US East - New York/ Savannah/ Norfolk/ Charleston USEC—New York/Savannah/Norfolk/Charleston

Kansai, Japan - Osaka/Kobe; Kanto, Japan - Tokyo/Yokohama West Japan—Osaka/Kobe East Japan—Tokyo/Yokohama

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