Tongyu Heavy Industries has successfully rolled out the thickest, most efficient, heavy slabs in China

A few days ago, Tongyu Heavy Industry issued an announcement, completed the installation and commissioning of a high-efficient heavy-duty slab production line co-developed with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the first thick and thick slab product has been successfully rolled out. The thick and thick slab is 3800mm in length, 2500mm in width, 800mm in thickness, and 62.5 tons in weight. It is the thickest thick slab in China and it is in a world-class position.
This product technology is the result of cooperation between Tongyu Heavy Industries and the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is mainly used in the fields of shipbuilding, submarines, tanks, oil drilling platforms, and nuclear power plates. In the future, the high-efficient heavy-duty slab will also be used in large quantities in the fields of shipbuilding, military and other industries, and it is expected to open up more market space.
In the first quarter of 2012, Tongyu's heavy industry performance increased by 5.45% year-on-year. With the gradual release of key production capacity, the company's performance improved gradually in the second quarter. China Construction Machinery Business Network industry analysts expect that Tongyu Heavy Industry's first-half performance is expected to grow by more than 10%, and its annual revenue exceeds 2 billion yuan.
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