Hydrogenerator installation supervision

Hydropower generating unit installation supervision Chen Xianjun Chad Faber Feng En Changjiang Water Conservancy Commission Jiangyan Engineering Construction Supervision Station, Hunan Cili 4272214 accident. Not rework is the best speed of installation, during the actual installation process. Due to the full preparation. Achieved the expected goals. The preparation work that should be done before the installation of the hydro-generator yeast is described. The installation supervision process of the main clock is described. And the questions and treatments that exist.

1 Overview Jiangyan Hydropower Station 3 units of single-flow hydroelectric generating units with a capacity of 100 are led by Dongfang Electromechanical Co., Ltd. The supply contract was signed on June 6, 1996. The contract amount is $14.45 million, of which. The turbine model runner is supplied by the Canadian Ice Company. The governor electrical cabinet and excitation device are manufactured by Swiss 88 and the fluoroplastic thrust tile is produced in Russia. On April 20, 1997, the first batch of hydro-generator units reached the site, and the supply was completed at the end of 1998.

The hydro-generator unit is the most important equipment of the Jiangyan Hydropower Station and the key process of the electromechanical installation project. The installation engineering volume is large and the process is complicated. There are many control links related to the supply engineering design of civil construction equipment. It is a key project for quality supervision and progress control of supervision engineers. In order to do a good job in the supervision of the installation of the water turbine generator set. Jiang, the project supervision terminal has 2 full-time on-site supervision engineers to track and supervise. Ensure that critical processes are completed as intended. In order to achieve the overall goal of the Jiangyu Hydropower Station unit to start production and power generation laid the foundation.

The hydroelectric generating unit of Jiangya Hydropower Station was successfully connected to the grid for power generation on May 16, 1999. The commissioning of the unit was successful. All operational indicators are excellent. It has reached the target expected by the owner. 2 Installation preparations are prepared before the installation of the hydro-generator set, which is a prerequisite for ensuring the smooth installation of the next step. Under the organization and coordination of the supervision engineers, the relevant units have seriously implemented the following preparatory work for installation.

1 Organization equipment is unpacked and accepted. According to the installation progress of the hydroelectric generating unit.

The supervision engineer organizes the owner's supplier and the installation unit to perform the unpacking acceptance and inventory of the equipment to be installed. The delivery equipment is delivered to the installation unit after meeting the contract requirements. Unpacking acceptance is performed before equipment installation 1525.1. If the equipment is found to have quality problems or missing pieces, the supplier will send someone to the site for processing or reissue the goods. The progress of the unit installation.

2 Implement the installation measures. Before the installation of the hydro-generator set, the installation unit submitted to the supervising engineer the organization measures for the installation of the hydro-generator set, for important unit components, such as the generator stator rotor. A single construction organization measure was also submitted.

The supervision engineer organizes the relevant units to review the above-mentioned construction organization measures, ensure that the measures are in place, and require the supplier to send the corresponding technical personnel to the site to guide the installation according to the different stages of the installation of the hydro-generator set.

3 Provide qualified installation stations. The components of the hydroelectric generating unit are large in size.

And some components are installed with higher environmental requirements. therefore. Providing a qualified installation station is an important part of ensuring the installation quality of the hydroelectric generating unit. After the construction work has submitted the certificate, the unit equipment can enter the site. The Jiangshen Hydropower Station is an underground factory with a small installation site. During the construction period, the rock wall of the powerhouse cavern is seriously seepage. The air has a high humidity and a lot of dust. Poor environmental conditions, generator stator. Before installing electrical equipment such as rotor transformers. Take certain measures. Ensure that the installation environment conditions meet the specifications.

4 Careful equipment inspection. Before installation of the hydroelectric generating unit, all parts should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected, the main dimensions of important parts. The tolerance ellipse should be retested and recorded. Some parts are also subject to disintegration. Or carry out relevant tests to meet the eligibility requirements. In order to install.

3 Turbine installation supervision 3.1 Buried components Installation supervision The turbine embedded components mainly include the tail pipe seat ring metal volute machine pit lining and the relay pit lining. There are also corresponding oil and gas water pipes. Cable buried pipe casing, etc.

The general requirement for the installation of turbine embedded components is to correctly measure the elevation coordinate level. The connection joint of the flow surface is sealed after the adjustment is passed, and the weld is required to be polished and smooth. A reinforcement support embedded in the component. It can be removed after the concrete maintenance period has passed. The volute pressure pipe should avoid cross welds. All welds shall be subjected to 100 ultrasonic inspections and 1020 ray inspections, and the unqualified welds shall be blown away by re-welding with carbon arc bubbles. Re-inspection, surface description of the installation process of the turbine embedded components.

Received date 20120216. Author brief introduction Chen Xianjun, Changjiang Water Journal, Jiangya Engineering Construction Supervision Director, Deputy Director, Engineer.

3.1.1 Pen Water Pipe Installation Supervision 7 The turbine tail pipe liner and volute are supplied by the manufacturer. The installation unit is assembled into a unit section at the steel pipe plant and then shipped to the site for installation.

When the draft tube is lined with tiles. The supervising engineer asked the installer to carefully check the tile size and the design of the draft tube liner. It was found that the individual tile size was about 10 more than the design size. The supervisory engineer organized the manufacturer to verify this and requested that the excess be disposed of. When inspecting the volute tiles. It was found that there was a cross weld, and the specification requirements were avoided as much as possible. The supervision engineer asked the manufacturer to provide a report on the quality analysis of the volute cross weld, confirming that there was no weld quality.

Also. It is found that there are holes in the welding groove of the volute tile, and the quality of the surfacing is too much for the quality of the manufacturer. Before the tailor welding, the supervision engineer asks the installation unit to handle it. The quality of the tile tailor welding is guaranteed. Before the installation of the draft tube liner, the installation unit proposes to leave the concrete not in accordance with the design requirements. The second reinforcement completed the concrete pouring construction plan. The supervision engineer approved the construction plan. It is also required to increase the reinforcement of the ribs after the lining of the draft tube is hoisted into the machine pit. Prevent concrete from pouring to deform the lining of the draft tube. When installing in the draft tube liner.

Yili 1 Cheng 1 was found to be in the outer wall of the A 1 lining, and the supplier supplied it and delivered it, but the installation unit neglected the installation of the anchor rib. At the request of the supervision engineer. According to the manufacturer's design requirements, the anchor ribs are repaired every 25301. The elevation of the installation engineer's installation of the tail pipe liner. The center ellipticity and level are controlled. Fully meet the qualification requirements, 3.1.2 seat ring and volute installation supervision seat ring is transported to the installation site, when it is assembled on the steel buttress, it is found that the seat ring coupling bolt is not delivered. The supervision engineer shall contact the manufacturer in time, and the 10,1 bolts will arrive at the volute weld of the construction site for non-destructive testing. The inspectors of the No. 1 inspection certificate issued by the National Non-destructive Testing Society shall be able to operate. In order to do a good job in the inspection of the volute weld. To ensure the quality of welding, the supervision engineer recommended that the owner entrust the Yangtze River Academy to conduct a random inspection of the volute weld. Responsible for the control of welding quality. The qualified rate of non-destructive testing results of the volute weld is 1. Before the seat ring and the volute are installed, the installation unit proposes a plan for the seat volute without a concrete buttress. The supervision engineer organized the relevant units to discuss and agreed that the seat piers were changed to steel piers. The volute still uses concrete buttresses. The supervising engineer adjusted the shell. When the volute was installed, it was found that the welding space on the butterfly side of the joint ring was too small. Welding is extremely difficult, and the supervision engineer has repeatedly convened the factory's resident site and installation personnel for coordination. And put forward a reasonable solution. The deviation of the circumference of the adjacent section of the volute is found to be 3,4,1. The melon supervision engineer requires the installer to fill the gap with the same material. Or the way of surfacing welding is solved. After the installation of the volute, the supervision engineer retests the level of the seat ring. The result is excellent. The seat ring level has a great influence on the installation quality of the hydro-generator unit. The supervision engineer regards the seat ring level as the focus of the installation quality control. For this reason, on the basis of the design, the supervision engineer requires the installation unit to increase the seat ring and the volute. Reinforced steel, and when the concrete is backfilled, the seat ring is equipped with 8 thousand points. Monitor the seat ring deformation. After the volute concrete was backfilled, the supervision engineer re-tested the seat ring level again, with little change. The seat ring is installed with good quality.

3.1.3 The lining of the pit and the lining of the servo lining are embedded in the lining of the pit. The volute concrete is poured onto the waist line and the installation begins.

The lining of the pit is made up of 4 blocks in the installation field and the ovality is adjusted. Correspondingly. The 7-axis is integrally hoisted into the pit and the seat ring. Install the buried pipe around the pit liner. Damage 1 out of the relay pit lining and entering the door ten when installing the lining of the susceptor, pre-embed the standard position on the volute. The supervisory surveyor re-tested the installation quality of the lining of the pit and the lining of the servo pit and signed the certificate. In order to carry out civil construction and reinforcement. Casting concrete 2 Turbine body installation supervision The hydraulic turbine body includes a water guiding mechanism and a rotating component. The water guiding mechanism should be pre-installed before it is officially installed, in order to accurately adjust the center of the bottom ring and the top cover. Work seal and repair the center of the water guide bearing seat of the seal base, so as to drill the hinge cap and the seat ring bottom ring and the seat ring work seal base and the top cover to repair the seal base and the top cover bearing seat and the top cover positioning pin hole. Position them. Check the vanes and top cover. Concentricity of the guide vane holes on the ring between the bottom rings.

The water guiding mechanism pre-installed the bottom ring, and the amount of glycosides was up to + and the top cover was adjusted only to ensure the concentricity of the movable vanes. And the concentricity of the top cover and the center of the bottom ring, coordinated by the supervision engineer. It is not recommended to install the movable guide vanes without installing according to the manufacturer's installation procedures. Lift the top cover and casing to adjust the center of the bottom ring and the concentricity of the movable vane with the center of the top stop ring. After the water guiding mechanism is pre-installed. It was found that part of the vane end gap size was too small. The supervision engineer organizes the manufacturer to negotiate with the installer and decides to take the guide vane preloaded with the average end face gap value. With the pressure pad ring, add 3,1 copper pad on the plane of the seat ring, so that the end face clearance of the guide vane is close to the design value. The rubber cap of the top cover sleeve was cut when it was installed. The supervising engineer organized the manufacturer and the installation personnel to analyze and take various measures to test the installation. Finally, it was decided to increase the chamfer of the lower end of the casing position to make the seal. For smooth installation, the servomotor is subjected to a withstand voltage test before installation. One oil leak was found. The supervision engineer manufacturer and installer analyzed that the cylindrical pin end cover is too long, the sleeve clearance is too small, causing the oil leakage to exceed the standard, after 3 times disassembly and assembly. The test passed. When the servo tube was installed, it was found that the clearance height of the relay and the servo lining was insufficient, and the inlet and outlet pipes collided with the pit liner. The supervision engineer negotiated with the manufacturer and the installer, and decided to change the power supply and discharge pipe provided by the manufacturer to use the elbow directly. Move the pass outside the pit liner. This reduces the tubing take-off height and avoids colliding with the pit liner.

When the unit starts the test run. It was found that the top cover leaked too much. Only the self-flow drainage can not meet the roof drainage requirements. The top cover spare self-priming drain pump is often started, and the reliability of the self-priming drain pump operation is poor. After the research and development, it was decided to change the main shaft sealing water supply from one-way to two-way water supply and another set of decompression water supply device; the self-priming pump was changed to submersible pump, and the modified roof drainage scheme can fully implement self-flow drainage. The operation is in good condition, and the installation workload of the 4 generator installation supervision hydro-generator includes the stator assembly. Rotor assembly. The lower frame and the elastic oil tank are mounted with the upper elastic cover of the frame and the upper end cover and the pipe inside the machine pier.

The installation supervision process for the main components of the generator is described below.

4.1 Stator assembly supervision The stator round frame shall be installed before the stator base of the generator. The measuring frame is a measuring tool for the installation of the stator core. Measurement accuracy requirements are very high. When the installer used the frame level to verify the verticality of the cylinder, the supervisory engineer raised objections.

It is required to measure with a piano cord with headphones and an internal micrometer to ensure accuracy.

After the installation unit corrects the measurement method. Correct the center pin perpendicularity measured by the original frame level. The results vary greatly.

Supervising engineers attach great importance to the installation of positioning ribs. The quality of the positioning rib installation directly affects the quality of the stator core installation and the stator lower wire, which affects the installation quality of the entire stator. The positioning ribs must be aligned before installation. When straightening, it was found that the locating ribs were severely rusted and the deformation was large. The analysis believes that the manufacturer's packaging non-standard engineer has repeatedly asked the installation unit for a micrometer proofreading. But did not attract attention. When the 8 equal positioning ribs are pre-installed. Phase difference 5 cannot be closed. It is analyzed that the micrometer error is too large, because the accuracy of the micrometer is not up to the requirement. The gap between the bracket and the ring plate is too large. I had to pad the copper and re-adjust the pre-assembled positioning ribs. When locating lap welding. The crack was found, the supervision engineer asked the installer to carry out the treatment, and the weld was subjected to magnetic particle inspection to meet the qualified requirements. The stator core laminations were thoroughly inspected by the supervision engineer to meet the design requirements. The stator iron loss test parameters are better than the specified standards, because the stator core lamination quality is excellent. The work of the stator pits went smoothly. However, some equipment defects were also found, and the supervision engineers and the manufacturers performed coordination on behalf of the installers. And deal with it in time. For example, the joints of the upper and lower coils are individually placed between the coil heads, which affects the welding quality. The supervision engineer negotiates with the manufacturer. I decided to step the 3 steps and let go of the head block. Ensure 7 weld quality. The semiconductor glue sent to the construction site could not be prepared at the construction site, and the supervision engineer informed the manufacturer to deliver it to the construction site after it was prepared. The lead wire and the connecting line between the plates collide, and the method of raising the connecting line is adopted. The pressure plate on the stator and the pressure tooth are not matched, and the screw cannot be installed. The supervision engineer and the manufacturer agree on the agreement.

Grind the platen into a curved shape and install it. When the stator bar was subjected to a withstand voltage test, there were 61 wire rod end burns. The supervision engineer promptly notified the manufacturer to the site for processing.

When the stator is rolled off and the head block is welded. The supervision engineer carefully checked the welding quality. Some solder bumps were found and rework was required. Until you are satisfied.

The generator stator was subjected to a DC leakage and an AC withstand voltage test. The test results are good.

4.2 Rotor assembly supervision The generator rotor is pressed up and down by the center body arm. Magnetic tape. Wind damper. Magnetic poles and other components. When the rotor yoke rod was installed, it was found that the individual tie rods were short. The screw is flush with the nut. The supervision engineer negotiated with the manufacturer and agreed to weld the short screw and nut to ensure the strength of the tie rod before the rotor pole was mounted. A single magnetic pole needs to be subjected to a withstand voltage test. After the magnetic pole was opened, when a single magnetic pole was subjected to the 4900 withstand voltage test, there were 9 magnetic pole discharges, and the withstand voltage test was unqualified. After cleaning the magnetic pole. Drying treatment, in which 4 pressures are qualified. There are also five magnetic pole test voltages that rise below the specified value. The supervision engineer and the manufacturer and the installer repeatedly analyzed the reasons. Find multiple times. Found the pin hole of the pallet. After thorough treatment, the magnetic pole 4900 withstand voltage test passed smoothly. After the magnetic pole is hung on the yoke, the single magnetic pole is subjected to a 4400 withstand voltage test. It was found that the four magnetic poles were unqualified, and the same quality was asked. The supervision engineer asked the factory personnel to handle it. The overall pressure test of the rotor passed smoothly. When the large shaft of the generator was hoisted into the pit, it was found that the thrust tile had a low elevation and collided with the thrust bracket. The supervision engineer and the manufacturer on behalf of the installer held a meeting at the scene. The research decided to reduce the thickness of the pallet by 5 without affecting the strength of the thrust tray, ensuring that there are more than 3 gaps between the thrust bracket and the bracket to meet the safe operation requirements of the unit. After the generator rotor is hoisted into the pit. Measured and analyzed. It is found that the rotor center elevation is lower than the stator center. 8. The specification exceeds the requirement of not more than 6. The supervision engineer manufacturer and the installer will make a decision. The stator elevation is reduced to a wide specification.

When the first hydro-generator set was tested for over-speed, the internal clearance of the main shaft air-filling valve and its cover was too small, and the inner circle of the valve cover was enlarged by 3, in addition. It was found that the pole joints were all everted and the root pole leads were straightened. The externally turned magnetic poles were bundled, the straightened magnetic pole leads were rearranged, and a clip was added.

1 The treatment plan was proposed by Dongfang Motor Factory. The supervision engineer approved and successfully passed the overspeed test. 5 Conclusion The total installation period of the hydroelectric generating unit of Jiangya Hydropower Station is 14 months, and the installation period of the main body is 5 months. The main single test and the start-up test run were all sub-successful, the installation period was short, the construction quality was excellent, and the experts who received the start-up acceptance of the unit were well received.

Supervising engineer. The installer and the Dongfang Motor Factory have a consensus on the site.

That is to say, there is no rework of the installation quality of the hydro-generator set, which is the best construction schedule. During the installation of the hydroelectric generating unit. It has indeed achieved the intended purpose.

The hydropower generating unit installation supervision is taken as the key supervision project. At the same time, the quality and progress are coordinated and controlled. It is the successful experience of the electromechanical construction supervision of Jiangya Hydropower Station. Chang Hansheng is connected to the 8th page. After flowing through the work area. It is drained by an exhaust fan that is temporarily placed at the outlet of the pressure pipe vent. A fan is installed on the side wall of the installation site during the maintenance period of the unit. It is specially used to eliminate exhaust gas generated by welding.

5.4 Noise reduction The noise of the design plant mainly comes from the running hydro-generator set and auxiliary machinery, especially the ventilator. To reduce the noise of the plant. Except when decorating the building. In addition to the sound insulation measures on the building, the following measures were taken on the ventilation and air-conditioning system. The fan room was arranged away from the central control room and the main building 2. The fan with a large capacity was set up with a damper, and the muffler was equipped with a muffler; the main plant 2 The capacity of the blower is large, and the soft start mode is adopted. In the arrangement of the air duct, the sharp turn should be avoided as much as possible. The wind speed of the pipe fixed firmly in the pipe should not be too high, 5.5 moisture-proof dehumidification for the underground powerhouse. It is damp. Especially the turbine layer is more serious. to this end. In addition to building a structural moisture barrier wall. In addition to the ground drain, three dehumidifiers with a dehumidification capacity of 61 are installed in the turbine floor.

6 Conclusion At present, the Jiangyan project has not been completed. The ventilation and air conditioning systems of the main plant and the main transformer room have not yet been put into operation, but they are viewed from the air conditioning and ventilation systems such as the computer room in the central control room that has been put into operation. The effect is better. The dehumidifier that has been put into operation has a very significant effect on moisture and dehumidification of the turbine layer.

Editor Liu Yi governs the water and soil basin for the benefit of future generations

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