After the door to the store record Michelin tough line 12R22.5 tires

“The martial arts in the world is out of the Shaolin.” This sentence means that the martial arts of the Shaolin Temple is the most powerful and is the source of all kinds of martial arts.

The world tires out of Michelin
The world tires out of Michelin

In the tire industry, using the phrase "world tires out of Michelin" can also describe the position of this century-old shop in the tire industry. Because more than 70% of invention patents in the tire industry were contributed by Michelin , whether it was the first production of radial tires after World War II or the introduction of fuel-efficient tires in the 1990s, it did lead a lot of progress.

Lushan, Henan Province, Shaolin Temple, a thousand-year ancient temple. Also at the foot of Laoshan Mountain, there is a Michelin Card Passenger Car Tire Specialty Store named “Yuan Chen”. Is it very martial-artist? Recently, we heard that Michelin Truck & Bus Tire has a 12R22.5 new product listed on the market. So went straight to Yuan Chen professional shop. To know this size, the most people on the market today are worth taking a look at.

Just entered the store, good guys, 6 new tires tough line of its domineeringly placed, the above line of characters " 20% miles to increase Michelin safe home ", very eye-catching. The new product features are impressed all at once. Of course, only Michelin has such confidence and confidence that the new product mileage will increase by 20%!

Tough its line 12R22.5 tire Luoyang to shop records
Tough its line 12R22.5 tire Luoyang to shop records

Aside from this is a single tire rack and poster. This is very much like the Michelin blue, extending the use of a blue road, highlighting the "20% increase in mileage" design, is even more admiration. For truck drivers, vehicles run much more, they earn more, and tires run longer, which means lower costs. Do Michelin tires run 20% more miles, doesn't it mean that this tire will hit 80% off? Do you know that Michelin tires have a much longer mileage than other brands? This way, it really saves a lot of money. In this difficult transportation environment, saving money is making money, and you understand!

Tough its line 12R22.5 single tire racks and posters
Tough its line 12R22.5 single tire racks and posters

"My boss Liang, I came again" came a familiar Henan dialect. In the first look, it is Henan's fellow villagers who are simple and capable. It turned out that he was a customer who came into the store and was also running a new Michelin product.

"Liang Bo, I received a Michelin worry-free SMS message. I said that there are 12R22.5 new products and the mileage has increased by 20%. I just need to change my tires to see what!" Later, I learned from Liang, the customer. The surname Guo, a cargo driver near Luoyang, mainly pulls safes, runs for long distances, and has seven cars at home. It manages the car management business all day long and is very busy. The tires that were formerly used are ordinary brand tires, which can distort him. Afterwards, Michelin tires were used to save time and worry. The tires have a long life and fewer intermediate faults.

Liang boss dry tires this line for many years, and do this brand of Michelin has 10 years. Handily took out his tough product lineup to tell Guo Guo proficiently. “You see this new Michelin 12R22.5 tire is characterized by wear and safety. Here it is advertised that it has been grinding for a long time, has been evenly ground, and it has not been biased...” When Guo heard this, he interrupted and said, "Oh, these are advertising campaigns, articles. But the tires, I still have to see for myself."

Saying, Lao Guo first walked to Michelin's new line of tires. He found a burr on the edge of a tire and pulled it hard. He also bounced back and forth several times. Then, he went to the warehouse and found an ordinary brand of tires. He also found a burr on the side of a tire and repeatedly pulled it several times.

I was also curious, and I asked Lao Guo, this is the way to tell me? Old Guohaha smiled and said, “The Michelin ad says wear, I will see the strength of the burr on the tire side. Just now you saw that Michelin tire. The burr can pull long, it's 5-6 cm, and I didn't pull it off. And it feels so tight and it's not moving. That toughness doesn't really have to be said, so it's called tough. It's not an exaggeration. In turn, when you look at the burr on a regular tire, it can't pull 2-3 cm and it's almost broken. And the feel is very loose, and the burr that comes out is a fragile feeling, like pulling chicken feathers and pulling it out. That's the difference! So I feel that Michelin's mileage has increased by 20%, and it should be said that this quality tire can't really catch up."

Left is Michelin tires Right is ordinary tires
Left is Michelin tire right is ordinary tire

"Chinese! The tires will be loaded with the car I drive, and in the afternoon I will go to live." "This is on!" The Henan man is refreshing. When he sees the goods, he goes straight to the market. This is not a blink of an eye. The in-store janitors have helped Guo Master's tough tires properly settled.

Will soon be replaced with new Michelin tires
Will soon be replaced with new Michelin tires

Outside the store, I still asked to ask Master Guo. This Michelin tire is worthless. After all, it is more expensive than ordinary tires. It is not easy to earn some money. How can you buy it so generously? Master Guo frankly Tell me, "I used to buy cheap goods before, but the cheaper the better. But often problems, short mileage, frequent changes, repairs, annoying. Originally wanted to be cheap, the results found no. Time is wasted, Business opportunities were given to others.I later thought I still had to buy reliable tyres.I ran to Xinjiang, this time Gobi.If there is a problem with the tires, where do I go to find the tire shop?How hard is it?! Tire is also used in Michelin, can run about 25-30 million kilometers, it seems that at least are more than 300,000 kilometers, and you said worth?" In the end, Master Guo asked me.

Take a photo
Take a photo

"Master Guo, don't go too busy. There's a Michelin T-shirt for you, come and take!"

“Thank you, oh, take a photo together. Can I count the first users of this new Michelin product in Henan?

"Yes, new products are the first to arrive in our store."

Sent Guo master, Liang boss said, "Young man, I see you stare at this tire for a long time? I told you that big tires are not the same. It is like this Shaolin Temple, is a decent and decent. Martial arts in the powerful characters All of them are famous and are sent out. Is this what the general Junggars are able to compare with Xiaoluo? The Michelin is the name of the door, this is the guarantee of strength!" Yeah, born Michele, brand strength is put there, The mileage is also increased by 20%. What other reasons why I have no choice?

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