Environmental Monitoring Instrument Market Increases Technology Investment

Environmental Monitoring Instrument Market Increases Technology Investment

With the development of industrial restructuring and upgrading of industrial technologies in China, there will be greater market demand for monitoring and dedicated optimization systems for high energy consumption, high material consumption, and high pollution. Taking the iron and steel industry as an example, the industry is entering a development period focusing on structural adjustment, industrial optimization, equipment upgrade, and fine-grained products, and has a clear leading role in related industries such as instrumentation and automatic control. The "Implementation and Revitalization Plan for the Steel Industry" promulgated in 2009 clearly puts forward: Increase technological progress and investment in technological transformation.

At present, with the continuous improvement of customer requirements for product quality, iron and steel companies increasingly focus on the detection and control of process parameters, as well as the analysis of production information and the establishment of models, which makes the demand for process analysis instruments continue to increase. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements for achieving recycling economy and energy-saving and emission reduction, the demand for steel companies in environmental monitoring systems and safety monitoring systems will increase further. Other industries such as petrochemicals, electricity, and non-ferrous metals are also facing urgent industrial upgrading needs, which will drive the further development of the industrial process analysis system, environmental monitoring system, and safety monitoring system.

Benefited from the promotion of industrial upgrading in China and the support of industry policies, the environmental monitoring instrument industry continues to grow rapidly. According to the data of the “Analysis Report on Production and Sales Demand and Investment Forecast of China's Environmental Monitoring Instruments Industry in 2014-2018” published by the Industry Research Institute of Qianshang Industry, the sales revenue of China's environmental monitoring instrument industry increased year by year from 1.548 billion yuan in 2005 to 16.12 billion in 2013. yuan.

In the hazy weather in North China since January 2013, PM2.5 broke its watch four times in a row, and it seems that the residents of North China, especially Beijing residents, have returned to the former fog capital of London. This incident fully demonstrated that after 30 years of rapid economic development in our country, we have already paid a high price for the environment. After this incident, it is forward-looking that the Central Government and even all regions of the country will increase investment in environmental protection construction, which will surely benefit the development of the environmental protection industry, and the environmental monitoring instrument industry will certainly benefit from this round of construction.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's metallurgical, petrochemical, electric power, bio-pharmaceutical, papermaking and other industries have great development opportunities. At the same time, these industries are high energy consumption, high material consumption, high pollution industries, and are the key national energy-saving emission reduction control. Target, enterprises in the industry will become key pollutant monitoring companies. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of realizing circular economy and energy saving and emission reduction, the demand for environmental monitoring systems in these industries will also increase. Based on the above several factors, the Industry Research Institute predicts that the market capacity of China's environmental monitoring equipment industry in 2015 is expected to reach 24 billion yuan.

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