"Belt and Road" paves the way for the lighting industry to analyze the potential of the Egyptian lighting market

First, open up Africa, first open up Egypt

Egypt has become Africa's largest investment destination

On the economic front, Egypt's growth rate in the past two years is relatively high, with a growth of 4.1% in the 2016-2017 fiscal year ( July 1 to June 30 ) and an expected increase of 4.5% in the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Under a series of reforms, Egypt’s basic budget deficit has fallen to its lowest level in 10 years, inflation has also fallen, and foreign direct investment has risen sharply, making it the largest investment destination in Africa.

Increase in the number of tourists drives national consumption, souvenir in the market

Egypt "Daily News" January 15, 2018 reported: According to Egyptian tourism sector, senior officials said, the year 2017, the number of overnight tourists visited Egypt days to reach 84 million, an increase of 155%. The total number of inbound tourists was 8.3 million, an increase of 84% year-on-year.

Second, for lighting

The government plans to save about 20 billion yuan in energy subsidies by 2020 .

Such subsidies are proposed to reduce costs and use more efficient energy facilities. Egypt's lighting electricity accounts for more than 25% of total electricity consumption, and residential and commercial electricity consumption accounts for 73% of total electricity consumption. Therefore, we hope more and more professional intelligent lighting solutions to replace traditional lighting and achieve energy saving. . At present, the state plans to implement major lighting renovations around 2020 , replacing traditional lighting with energy-saving products. In addition to government buildings, home lighting, and local outdoor lighting in all districts and counties, comprehensive renovation is required. Among them, for home lighting, Egypt has purchased 250 million LED bulbs.

Other projects promoted by the government also require LED products.

The country's LED demand is great, but where are the suppliers? In fact, there are very few real LED manufacturers in Egypt, maybe only one or two, but this is not enough, so everyone is welcome to bring your products to Egypt.

The specific lighting needs are:

1. There is a great demand for outdoor intelligent lighting products, such as smart street lights, outdoor lighting, advertising displays, etc.

2. The demand for new light sources to replace traditional light sources is large, such as LED bulbs;

3. The overall lighting solution demand for new projects.

Third, important: development tools and platforms?

The government has promised to support these projects and provide certain subsidies because they need to reduce costs and maximize their subsidies, but how do our suppliers seize opportunities in these projects and highlight their brand advantages? Advantages, how to compete with international suppliers? Here to tell you about the way to enter the Egyptian market:

At present, there are many B2B platforms at home and abroad. The international mainstream foreign trade platforms include Alibaba, China Manufacturing, Global Sources, etc. The B2B platform of the domestic lighting industry has China Lighting Network. However, these platforms are dominated by traders, and there are widespread price competitions and low profits, and it is difficult to solve the problem of trust.

The development of the Egyptian market and the recommendation of Mio's “net exhibition trade” model are important means to enter the market. In combination with the National One Belt and One Road strategy, Miorante launched the 247 cross-border trade integrated service platform to match buyers through big data. 365 days of online operation, inviting buyers to the exhibition site in advance to negotiate, evading only three days of exhibition time. The online + offline approach further enhances the exhibition's effectiveness. Moreover, after the cooperation intention is reached on the spot, the product can be sold through overseas warehouse shipments without shipping from the domestic market. The entire trade process shortened to one month, a substantial increase in trade efficiency.

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